'Issue # 1- December 2004'

(Evilution magazine)

MARK: 85/100


When I'm short of essays I always cure my insomnia with long nightly readings of metal magazines, and I must admit I was quite curious to overlook the new creature from that old sly guy, that deus ex machina named Bo Black Christiansen, who founded this magazine/webzine with another 4 contributors after editing Metalized mag for a long while.

When I started, I read the underlines about Darkthrone on the cover and I inferred the edge had to be close to mags such as Metal Rules!, that is with funny comments and embarassing questions for the counterparts devoid of sense of humour, but from page n. 1 I realised I was wrong; this is a serious and pro printed A4-sized periodical on glossy paper, with nothing to envy official mainstream journals you can buy at a newsagent's bar the colours, therefore almost perfect!

The interviews, led by prepared journalists, are with Aura Noir, Laibach, the almighty Suffocation (!), but also underground newcomers like Shaitan Mazar, long-time cult pioneers (Red Harvest), and Darkhtrone are even interviewed twice!!! The first 6 pages come from a chat with Nocturno Culto, the other 4 from one with a quite straightforward Fenriz. The resting inties feature Nile's Karl Anders, Napalm Death, Der Blutharsch (surely the more interesting conversation), Mayhem, Cult of Luna, the legendary and indestructible Unleashed and finally Mithras.
As for the reviews, they're about 60 and on the website you can find more; I like the fact they're succinct yet not minimal, and a slew of them are reading-involving, as you can feel the reviewer wasn't forced to lie so as to promote unpleasant material. These guys have no distro nor a mailorder, so they say what they really want and they also publish negative critics instead of passing the hot potato to another colleague; what's more, instead of selling something, they've smartly set up a couple of competitions (who doesn't love'em anyway? Gissa pile of contests more please!!!) in cooperation with Moonfog, Voices, Media & Entertainment (VME) and Peaceville.

In addition, the only ads are the ones of the Inferno festival and one of Horror records, so nearly nothing on a sum of 60 pages. If I say to you there're just few copies left as it is a 666-limited issue and you still ain't ordered a copy for your collection and pleasure of reading, then you can but blame your stupidity for depriving yourselves of 2005's Denmark's top-notch publication.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2005

Current staff:
Bo Christiansen - Editor and reviewer
Oliver Holm, Jonas Manley, Jester and Mikkel Putzek - contributors

c/o Bo Christiansen, Følfodvej 3, DK-4470 Svebølle - Denmark
E-mail: editor@evilutionmagazine.com
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