Fight the Elements

(Self released)


MARK: 80/100


A praiseworthy demo CD comes from the smart hands of Hardebaran's management, who recruited a new Swiss 6-piece of Dark metal enriched with Black, Heavy and Death influences fairly balanced in their long 6 tracks. It's almost incredible how a band without a deal (but not for too long, trust me!) with just another demo-CD out, "Into A Reign of Pain", dated 2001, may have created such a professionist CD, as for artwork, sounds (bar the snare drum one, weak in the fast parts), and - most of all - songwriting. The variety of the songs is plain and the dynamic structures add value to Fabrice's raspy or sad vocals; moreover the help given to the cause from the session members Florian Alter (Violin) and Carolyn Clerc (female voice on "Who'll Save Us", including nice keyboards lines) is not marginal at all. Finally, it's true that the contribution of the 2 guitars could even be exploited more, but we can already enjoy the fruits of a very compact band. In the meantime I suggest we pass our time while waiting for their debut from a label by finding out the manifold aspects set in their sound, and neclecting the small ingenuities that there still are here and there.



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