(Self-released CD)

MARK: 95/100


Actually the stunning next big thing is represented by these Sardinian newcomers born from the fusion of musicians with long live experience with previous bands. Their 9 tracks deal with Crossover/Metal digging from their home discographies, including Faith No More, Tool, Incubus and so forth.
Backed by a perfect production (clear and powerful, given by an excellent mastering work boosting the bass lines), the five piece expresses angry parts with others where Raffaele Pibiri's majestic voice
flies high; I know it sounds very Mike Patton, but if Faith No More don't exist anymore, why not enjoy a new band capable of top-notch songwriting; "All I Need" and "Stand" are the highlights, with the latter showing guitar parts and effects worthy of my most sincere congratulations.
I'm not surprised at all the band has won all the contests it's taken part in, as it can't fear any foreign competition whatsoever!
I bet none of you have been able to keep your heads and asses still when the riff of "Lose Control" kicked off, and after listening to the tender elegy titled "Interludio" there're no doubts Eskimada also appreciate bands such as Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction, besides the ones mentioned above.
"The 16th Minute" is the most modern track offered by the Italian quintet, while the palm of wickedest goes to the brief "Right Now".
Of all the unsigned bands I've heard over the last 3 years or so, they're the one that had it all together.


Line-up on this record:
Raffaele Pibiri (v., ex-Golgo)
Ivano Pischedda - g., ex-Acting Out)
Enzo Di Ciaccio - b. (also in Unframed)
Giovanni Ambrosino - d.

N.B.: Alessandro Derosas - g. (2011-)

Olbia - Italy
Official site:


-Eskimada (Full length - 2009)