(Self-released EP)

MARK: 71/100

Epta7 is an Italian four-piece moved to Ireland naming their band joining the Italian and the English prefix to stress out the two cultures they belong to.
This self-produced demo, whose artwork was drawn by the bass-player herself, contains 4 tracks whose recording raises different comments: the toms sound dull and suffocated, while the kickdrums and the cymbals sound alive and great; the rest of the instruments and the vocals sound all right, but the monster vocals used in the last two songs could have been rendered better. In general it is a low budget production aimed at delivering old-styled, raw and dynamic sounds but without the slam modern records possess.

A girl's specter playing on a creaking swing announces death and hell at the beginning of "Walking Ghost", a Thrash song veined with Punk influenced by Nailbomb as to the patterns used, Testament guitar-wise and Devildriver vocalwise. At a certain point there's a spooky interruption with haunted female vocals and male growing. This is one of the highlights of the EP for sure.
"Moon Canvas" kicks off with a Sabbathian riff and tribal drumming, then it goes mid-tempo with abrasive clean vocals, followed by female declamatory ones in the backdrop. Really noteworthy is the Thrashy acceleration in the vein of Metallica's "Death Magnetic" matched by demonic vocals mixed lower.
Thrash and Groove Metal get blended in "Fallen Gabriel", where diabolical vocals appear again in the refrain; finally, a tip of the hat must go to the licks in the epilogue.
Groovy Metal opened by spoken words, a few Hardcore backing vocals later, some Thrash drum speed ups are what you will find in "Epta System", along with the effected demonic vocals, but the best part remains the refrain that comes back after an acoustic break where clean singing and the above-mentioned devilish vocals are alternated.

The quartet doesn't recur to technical structures, experimental parts, or guitar solos, it composes songs easy to remember and seems mature for an album, hopefully backed by a higher quality production, but for the moment "Eptasystem" could be worth hunting for if you wish to jump to a way of writing songs that goes back a couple of decades and doesn't require high attention from the listener, as the tracks grow up listen by listen.


Line-up on this record:
B.P. Snow – v.
Dave Peach – g.
Miss Grey – b., female v.
Gianz Vukodlak – d.

Cork - Ireland

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-Eptasystem (EP - 2014)