'The Tomb Awaits'

(Dark Descent records)

MARK: 90/100


Don't confuse this band with the homonymic Czech Blacksters, and all the more with the other Swedes from Avesta that just released a demo in 1991. These Entrails from Växjö actually started in the same period and split up quickly afterwards, but then reformed in 2008 with 3/4 of the line-up renewed. The debut album was released just a year ago and now is the time for the final confirmation of the value residing behind this monicker.
This quartet is shamelessly a tribute to the early Entombed musical-wise, vocal-wise logo-wise and also regarding the cover; the terrifically technical, powerfully destructive, massive production is especially due to the mixing and mastering by Dan Swanö. Of course Nihilist, Dismember, Grave, Carnage, Unleashed are also echoed here, therefore don't expect drum bludgeonings or tight riffs alà Bloodbath; this is genuine Swedish Death metal like you don't hear anymore these days and very little is added or changed from the original recipe with those typical wide-open thick power chord riffs, so why am I not yawning at all you might wonder? The question is legitimate and, although common sense would easily tell you to go and buy the original ones should you still not own them and forget blueprint utilizers, I'll follow a more elaborated view: I already own the original of the golden era and I still listen to them nowadays even if I'm closer to 40, but I've always dreamed of some new releases in that vein to give me the same feeling when I need it (he issue arises when you know classic albums all too well: you can still listen to them but not too often, so these 11 tracks look like a gift from the sky). Now the wait is over and the 4-piece presents its material so well, with great razor-sharp solos and memorable crushing riffs that didn't appear in the albums of the above-mentioned gods 20 years ago or so, then it becomes futile to keep thinking "The Tomb Awaits" lacks originality. You may copy a formula and if you are able to play that with as much ability, freshness, involvement and self-confidence as the pioneers a quarter of a century later, then for me there's absolutely no problem!
Entrails is the true embodiment of the rebirth of ultraorthodox Swedish Death metal; have these Swedish extremists managed to deliver the goods? Hell yes!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
Jimmy Lundqvist - g.
Jocke Svensson - v., b. (also in Birdflesh, Skogen, ex-Devilry, ex-Litania, ex-Lelldorin, ex-Talion)
Mathias Nilsson - g. (also in Skogen, ex-Deformed, ex-Mindcollapse)
Adde Mitroulis - d. (also in Birdflesh, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Overdeth, ex-Dethronement, ex-Bacon Warriors)

Växjö - Sweden
Official site:


Reborn (Demo - 2008)
-Human Decay (Demo - 2008)
-Tales from the Morgue (CD - 2010)
-The Tomb Awaits (CD - 2011)