Engineer Records

'Building on Sight and Sound - Tier 1'

MARK: 85/100


Today the best and most complete means to present the audience a band is not only audibly but also visually and that's why even indies are investing in the latter more and more. The British/US label doesn't escape this rule with this recent DVD featuring 20 bands, most of whom really underground and never heard before even by specialized music journalists, from across the world along with 2 extra videos.

After the peculiar and professional clip by Metal/Pop/Punksters We're All Broken, here comes one of my favourites: the claustrophobic and painful one by 9 Days To No one, reminding me of Criss Angel's and Fakir Musafar's body suspensions. While Andthewinneris plainly copied the hallucinated beginning of their clip from one of Heideroosjes', Kover fight for the throne of catchiest song against the Punk colleagues Cashless, the Cornflames, the Italian the No One and Red Car Burns.
Things are pretty different with the road-roller named Catalyst, who've produced another of the highlight clips of the comp as well as the next artists, Son of the Mourning and Worlds between Us (on the trail of the Dillinger Escape Plan), even if the clip of the latter is minimal. If then we actually wanted to look for the most low budget video here included, then that would be Elemae's, but this doesn't necessarily mean it'll not make this indie Rock band conquer new fans.
In the middle of the list we meet and greet Cohesion, a combo placing just between Earth Crisis and the sharpest and most compressed Thrashcore; now this is what I call devastation and excess of adrenaline, thumbs up for sure!
Not passing the sufficiency, Rydell's live clip doesn't drive me crazy and neither does their song, whereas not bad are Six Second Hero despite their young age and the teeny Emo vocals; shame the clip has some audio imperfection.
Sometimes Why instead have refrains suitable for aficionados of Foo Fighters and Danko Jones and I wouldn't be surprised if I learned they would be opening act during one of their tours.
Nathaniel Sutton brings us towards Indie acoustic Rock, and it was smart to insert a one-man band of this kind in order for the eardrums to rest a little bit, since soon the coordinates steer back to the more classical imprint of Engineer records by the nth band with a number composing its monicker: Losing Six Seconds, a group reminding me of Raw Power and Hatebreed within their scarce minute of length.
With regard to the bonus videos I claim against the grain that Chamberlain, who are shot live in a club, are extremely boring. Sorry, but that's my job!
Finally, the guest video by the Fire Still Burns, a courtesy of Blackout! records, is quite close to the sonorities of No Fun at All, but it's a pleasure to listen to and watch.

In conclusion, let me spend a few praising words about the label's attitude, very appreciable as there is no trick; just rightful and committed, striving for independence and an honest D.I.Y. work ethic, yet at a professional level. Its goal is to create a big Punk Rock family of Hardcore kids, Indie hearts, Metal heads and alternative lifestyles. This is the path to keep on walking. Congratulations for this video compilation and the people behind the project. Support them in a way or another, cuz there's no McDonalds Metal, Punk, nor Hardcore here, on the contrary the menu of this compilation is deign of a restaurant!

Markus Ganzherrlich - 20th Feb. 2008

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