MARK: 90/100

Since my ex Finnish girlfriend introduced me to the knowledge of my spirit-guide, dream controlling, protection from psychic vampirism, aura, etc. ( and also a pack of stunning sexual tricks, yum! ), I've become much more receptive to atmospherical stuff, which is one of the reasons together with the musical experience I'd not have wholly appreciated such a superb come-back like this Endless', natural prosecution of 1999's 'Perihelion', displaying new female vocalist's skill, Zuzka Zamalova ( for instance in 'Sundown' ), and other 4 special guests, amongst whom a very useful samplerer and keyboarder, Tom Slapota. Opener 'Xen-Tuath-Eo' and title-track, my fav one, contain a wise blend of contrast between delicate and harsh moments of atmo-doom-rock-gothic-metal, while 'Where Do Dreams Go…' first lullabies with an elegant flute, and later on attacks with male vocals and a crackling drum-work; but it would be a petty crime not to cite following 'Fragments', again proving a pro mature songwriting, first tender and then with cascades of guitar distorsion, and in the end back to the originary atmosphere, or instrumental 'Our Friends', or jazzy-intermitted 'History'. Swinging in the rushes of solar storms…covered with pulsing plasma…on the journey to the mysterious empire of dreams is closing flute- and mandoline-enriched/refined 'In Your Palms'. Featuring Zuzka (SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY) and Robotom (DARK GAMBALLE) enjoys 'Vital #1' freshly strong and crisp mixing and mastering at Magic Minds Studios in Germany by Jan Nemec (Running Wild, Celtic Frost…). If the only fault of this 10-track CD may be some vague resemblance with Paradise Lost or Anathema here and there, or with Voivod in sporadic occasions, a must is saying Endless NEVER sound boring, NEVER have a note out of place or randomly dumped into a structure, and they are easily memorizable. This intelligent act knows how to pick up the best from their guitarists, both in the acoustic and in the electrical parts ( solos included ). Whether you ask yourselves: "What happens with dreams after they slowly die in our minds before us waking up?", the only manner to find the right answer of this enigma is through the listening and understanding of these Czech moody creators.