(Timeless Productions)

MARK: 87/100



It would be exaggerated to claim we're in front of an all-star band, yet the people behind this monicker heavily contributed to make the Extreme metal Brazilian scene known in the 6 continents. Besides guitarist and band founder Alan Wallace, the Belo Horizonte combo features drummer André Marcio (ex-Overdose) and bass-player Jairo Guedz (ex-guitarist and founder of Sepultura). After several concerts and owing to a large number of contacts in their homeland and abroad, they qualified to participate in top countrywide music contest Skol Rock. Representatives from MTV, Warner Music and major show biz magazines and newspapers gave them the first place in the state of Minais Gerais and third in the national ranking, despite the many Pop, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll bands competing.

The first of the 17 tracks of this exhaustive CD (the 3rd official released) is the disquieting intro "B.O.H.1." to the song "Evolution", the latter strongly similar to Sepultura with aggressive vocals sometimes Death metal like, sometimes screamed, sometimes cybernetically filtered, and on frequent occasions making me think of a rawer and fiercer Mille Petrozza. The drumming is also very tribal and the guitars are a mix of Fear Factory, Ministry and Nailbomb.
The violent "Overload" stands out owing to a top-notch drum-work, the sampled evolution followed by great riffs and a penetrating chorus, while teh following title-track turns out to be lively, rich of references to the Amazonic tribal drumming and singing styles, paying tribute to Sepultura once again, yet keeping a sufficient dose of personality.
With acid scratched samples starts "Citizen Zero", and then it attacks resulting an involving and groovy piece halfway between Slipknot and Sepultura; the break in a mid-tempo couldn't be more brutal and the successive alternation of crescendos and tension decreases makes it all ready for the initial scratching repeated once. Excellent!
Over 6 minutes reminding of the most savage Sepultura a bit is "6ix Degree", and I mean the best Sepu, the dynamic and angry ones of "Chaos A.D."; besides the final scratch this song must be remembered thanks to the several contrasts shown.
"Greenspirit" is just a dreamlike intermezzo coming before "Like I Hate You", including filtered and crumbling vocals a là Six Feet Under; interesting is the break on the trails of Machine Head, catchy are the chorus and the looping riffs.
Rapid and hyperviolent, "Greedy as a Pig", is absolutely my favourite track, also by the lyrics unluckily mirroring 90% of humanity giving us orders or simply dealing with us and making the life on this earth a Dantesque inferno.
A very well-built songwriting is the one in "Leech 9"; Eminence display the fruits of their experience here, since they know when it's time to stop, use a certain riff and the right time for the samples, used not as frills but as a way to complete the puzzle of their style before the ending onslaught.
"The Freak I Become" presents another realistic text about the inadequacy of governants and their lies aimed only at damaging the more and more wretched masses. This track gives me strong emotions and inner power, what with the piercing vocals, what with the scorching guitars and the drum solo. Quite original.
In "Creep" the guitarists successfully try to sound different one more time without losing an ounce of brutality; moreover there's even place for a mini axe solo while the folk influences keep on appearing here and there as their trademark requires.
An unusual extremely catchy drumming opens "Democrasick"; this composition the best riffs of the whole CD, a hypnotic slow solo in the end, some more Machine Head riffs. A masterpiece, nevertheless itìs a shame they won't be able to repropose the same guitar duets on stage unless they find a second live guitarist in time. However, "Democrasick" remains the best song, maintaining smoothness, brutality, experimentalism and freshness.
The same recipe seems used in "Onefortyfive", including a couple of breaks in the vein of Sepultura and low recitating vocals added to the growled ones.
A mix of Six Feet Under and Nailbomb is decidedly "Hawking Radiation", wheras the brief, rapid and destructive "Coward" offers the last ear attack before the relax granted by the outro "17253017", made of electric distorsions and dripping water noises.

"Humanology" is not a masterpiece but it is a must for sure, thanks to the above-mentioned 2-3 songs above the average. The artwork is generous and extremely detailed, while the recording is very refined and clear, and it's the legendary Neil Kernon to be thanked, a guarantee behind the mixer. I do hope Eminence will gain the attention they deserve with this CD even if it's not so modern and would've had more success if it had been released 6 years ago.



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