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On this occasion we got to chat with singer Stefano and guitar-player Andrea after the release of their fourth effort to check in from the 4-piece headquarters



-Hi Stefano, first of all a short biography of the band and an update about the recent line-up changes.
Hi Markus, EMBLEMA is an Italian rock band who plays a straight rock between alternative trends and vintage patterns. The members of the group have known each other since they were young when they used to attend 'live' clubs. They have played for many years in different bands. EMBLEMA's project was born in 2005. Before our recent "Keep out from Me" we released 3 albums in Italian and we had some gigs in the North of Italy. We changed our line-up a few times till we found the current combination: Stefano Massari (Vocal), Andrea Piemonti (guitar), Massimo Baldini (guitar and bass), Carlo Lastrucci (drum). (Stefano)

-Why did you choose the monicker Emblema?
It sounds good in several languages, the word EMBLEMA  is referred to our music freedom. (Stefano)

-What are the stylistic differences between your latest album and why did you turn to English for the first time?
The first, second and third album have some POP "already heard" sounds, we wanted to change our style and sound into something more experimental. We turned to English to reach more and different people, so all our and new fans can understand our messages. (Andrea)

-The sounds are amazing. How did you get in touch with Piemo studio? Have they long experience with Rock bands?
Piemo studio has been created by EMBLEMA and evolves mainly for the EMBLEMA project needs. (Stefano)

-What are your inspirations? Do you get ideas from life, movies or from unexpected situations or places? Or do your songs take a shape just from classic jams that you refine later?
Our songs come from life experiences. They reflect  what we really see and feel inside compared to what spins around us. (Andrea)

-When you’re writing a song, do you think about the public’s reaction during a concert or in their rooms, or do you just compose what you like without worrying about the feedback?
We worry about the feedback, but  only after the album release when the songs are already done, then we keep it in consideration for the future songs. (Stefano)

-You’re still without a label. Is it you who refused offers or you who didn’t look for a deal?
We  received unconvincing proposals only, we reached  this level by ourselves.  (Stefano)

-“Keep out from me” is a way to say stop to the Big Brother society?
Not exactly to stop it, just to make people understand that not everyone wants to get in it. (Stefano)

-What are your musical influences and what is your 2011 playlist? What albums do you compulsively keep listening to recently?
Our musical influences are too many to list and what’s worse? We may even don’t know all of them. But we really get proud when our songs are compared to some rock music icons. (Andrea)

-Do your songs change when you play them live?
Sometimes; it is difficult for us to recreate the arrangement listened in the records especially concerning the effect sounds part, the live session is “club rearranged” but  the songs work great anyway. (Andrea)

-What kind of public comes to your shows and buys your records?
Every kind and every age. Most sales are online, it’s hard to define it.  (Stefano)

-Did any girl ever show her boobs during one of your shows?
Sure, we fill containers of bras every time we play, most of internet vids come straight from our concerts….(very ironic  answer)  (Andrea)

-Give us three good reasons to buy your CD.
1- it’ not a label influenced music. 2-there are unconventional messages. 3- your table has a shorter leg (Stefano)

-Do you have new songs ready?
Yes, we have singles but  we’d like to have an EP on tap for 2012 according to our time limits. (Stefano)

-What was the highest moment in your career and the biggest satisfaction with Emblema? And what was the biggest disappointment or the hardest period for the band? Do you have interesting anecdotes to tell?
The biggest satisfaction are contact requests from all over the world via social networks. The disappointment is when you find so many publishers who promise you a thousand things, but you have to pay for them (the Italian way). (Stefano)

-How did you start becoming a musician? Was there a precise moment in your life when listening to music wasn’t enough any longer?
We started when we were teenagers and it worked great to pick up girls. Luckily the guitar hero wasn’t still invented. (Andrea)

-Just feel free to use all the space you need to let us know about your future plans and all the info I didn’t ask you about.
Our fans asked us to make a video with EMBLEMA musicians. We haven't  enough money for a professional  megaproduction project, but we trust in our human resources. EMBLEMA is already working with a Norwegian video maker. Her name is Annabelle Ringen. She made A STEP AHEAD for us, and the KEEP OUT FROM ME official video. (Stefano)

Thanks for the interview.


Current line-up:
Stefano Massari - v.
Andrea Piemonti - g.
Massimo Baldini - b.
Carlo Lastrucci - d.

Gambettola (FC) - Italy
Official sites: http://www.emblema.name

Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/emblema
Skype :Skype name : stefano-massari
Skype :  Complete name : Stefano Massari
FACEBOOK : facebook.com/Stefano.Emblema
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/EMBLEMArockband

Chi tocca i fili... (CD - 2007)
-Su Marte (CD - 2008)
-Mare senza isole (CD - 2009)
-Keep out from Me (CD - 2011)