E.V. Loud

'School of Hard Rocks'

(Electric Jungle Music)

MARK: 88/100


One of the few bands able to play Hard Rock and not sound boring or foregone is certainly E.V. Loud, taking almost nothing from the present Heavy Rock trends, but trying to change the formula song by song in a personal way of songwriting, keeping the tracks delightful thanks to remarkable solos and memorable vocal lines, which the band plainly worked hard on. The riffs and the drum parts are all but new, however they kick ass and sound very kinetic.

A classic Hard Rock song, "Wake the Dead", is destined to stick at your mind thanks to an indelible chorus and nice final drum speed up, whereas "Dejavu" is one of the highlights, being high class modern Heavy Rock with wicked cool vocals and riffs greater than ever that would make Monster Magnet or Motley Crue green with envy.
Simple and fiery, "Too Far from Heaven" winds up by round bass lines, obsessive vocals and a guitar solo apparently excerpted from Slash's repertoire. If you dig Circus of Power, then "Graveyard Shift" will make your day.
Another excellent track is "Backwoods Thundafolk"; it's one of the heavier of the set, full of crushing riffs a là Fight along with other Middle-East ones; the only problem is that the mixing is worse (there's a flat lack of high frequencies) and the mastering wasn't done properly (the volume is lower than in the remaining tracks); by the way, it's the only one in which I couldn't understand what the lyrics object is.
"In the Army" is fast US patriotical Rock, followed by the long anthem-ruled "Hitn the Bottle"; this song contains anus-ripping riffs and solos as crushing as the ones which Black Label Society and Wasp have been spoiling us with in the last years.
Echoes of Little Caesar emerge with "Break out of Low", a Heavy song with a Pop refrain, veined by Bluegrass and also enriched by a harmonica solo, also recurring in the ass-shaking party song "Girl of My Nightmare", not far from a Fun Lovin' Criminals' nursery-rhyme yet not annoying; were E.V. Loud on a major, I'm sure we all'd now be listening to this potential hit single on MTV or all (college) radios.
Did you have any doubts E.V. Loud couldn't reach Metal banks? "Walk the Plank" is more of a Modern Metal song than a Hard Rock one, suitable for live arenas and to make ya heads move in your studio/dining room.
Think of the whorest vocals by Dogs D'Amour and Faster Pussycat mixed with the drunker Alice Cooper with a sore throat and taste the unusual up and downs of "Watch Me Suffer", before the danceable "You Make Me" closes the aural storm; more melodic than the others, the 12th composition is grounded on Beatles vocal patterns, Red Hot Chili Peppers madness and a tad of Hawaiian flavor. Incredible but true.

Some unexperience can be found out during the listening of this record, a debut album that goes far beyond the level of respectability, especially owing to the huge craploads of energy and adrenalin fitted in. Even if it comes out as a digital recording product, it is still as warm and involving as several 80's vinyls. Good hard stuff, think it over...



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School of Hard Rocks (CD - 2001)
It's Amerikid (CD - 2004)