E.V. Loud

'It's Amerikid'

(Electric Jungle Music)

MARK: 85/100


Is there anyone more American than E.V. Loud? James Dean? A biker on a Harley Davidson? No, man, the North American axe hero is yankee to the core, far more than jeans, chips, Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Disneyland, Neverland, Texas oil refineries and redneck GM farmers, Las Vegas' casinos, all the basketball, baseball, football, extreme sports champions, Hollywood and its star(let)s, Santa Monica beach and its renowned wet bikini competitions, surfers' paradise, Area 51 and the nuclear bomb warehouses in the desert, FBI, CIA, NRA, the self-absolving Marines and other trigger-happy corps, the first to use the H-bomb, Scottsdale with Alcor's cryonic institute, Chicago with its Jeffrey Dahmer's memory, Frisco and the world's biggest gay community, Cape Canaveral and its NASA shuttles, California and its Silicon Valley, L.A. and its ghettos and the most vicious police ever, Miami and its overwhelming Cuban refugees and pushers, NY and its Italian mafia network, Kennedy, Bush, Reagan, Elvis, Marylin Monroe, Madonna, and the Statue of Liberty itself! From the Far West and its Native Americans to the south with its bluesy roots and traditions, really everything from the nation-sheriff patroling the globe, and yet the freest, rightest home of self-made-men is concentrated here and well-represented in his sound. The US own the world' s most powerful army, economy, technology, number of inventors, serial killers, everything is faster, more extreme and most of all bigger or larger than here in Europe or rest of the world (cars, houses, parks, lakes, rivers, streets, airports, malls, multinationals, even people!). I'm not talking only about the obese, I also refer to Clinton or legendary Gary Busey, whose teeth are twice as mine just to make an example! (Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not mocking American citizens, I love the USA, along with Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Scandinavia, still the best places to live in, 1000 times better than Italy, accustomed to standards inferior to Bolivia or Zimbabwe, as Italians are well-known to be a bunch of mafiosi, unable to do anything well, stupid beyond the peak of imagination, aggressive, ignorant, brainless and so on as hugely described in the biography already. I am just showing the few faults the almighty USA own, nobody's perfect after all).
From such a patriotical and hypervitaminized country bad trends have resulted too, such as Rap or untasty Pop (there are a few bands which are exceptions to the low quality of 90% releases of course) unfortunately, but in this case you don't have to worry; you will find only healthy sheer 80's street Hard rock recorded with vintage guitars and analog tape machines like hardly anyone dares to do any longer nowadays!

The band's been compared and influenced by - among the many - Accept, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Cheap Trick, Dio, Godsmack, Jackyl, Metallica, Motley Crue but I feel there are more suitable comparisons as I describe below.
The title-track of this come-back CD breaks in with a Blues Hard rock beginning, but then it turns closer to Wasp, followed by "Outlaw", made of an arena chorus and riffs astride Wasp, Kid Rock and Little Caesar; a precious solo makes the difference and renders it a winning song.
I don't know if the myth of the triad sex, drugs and rock and roll is still alive and kicking, nevertheless whistles and a harmonica make "Sex-Drugs-Rock-N-Roll" a new classic of party Rock, flaring up in the central part in a kind of way dear to both Black Label Society, Ted Nugent and UFO.
A jam among Wasp, Kiss and Alice in Chains is "Take My Own", concluded with double kick drums and unmistakably 80's drum work, whereas "Grind the Enamel" appears quite heavy and modern, turning out to be destined to those wholive for Monster Magnet and similar outfits, even tho there are odd patterns here.
Another hit Wasp envy the blond axeman seems to be "Mansize Woman", followed by "The Climb", a slow and smoky track where a winding bass unwraps along the trails left by Dio and Led Zeppelin to craft a magic blend.
Should you like Ratt, Wratchchild America and the more Punk Rock Warrior Soul, you need to start listening to this Cd from "On A Roll"; this song proves to be deeply rooted into Glam and Sleaze Hard Rock but the vocals contained within this piece are totally different and unique.
One more dive into the Blues side of the lucky 6-stringer happens with "Unsigned", melting early AC/DC, Aerosmith and Bad Company too, while "Red Skin" is undeniably dedicated, influenced (vocal- and percussion-wise) and composed as a modern and rightful tribute to the mistreated tribes of the few Native Americans left (with the results of emargination, alcoholism and high suicide rates), and therefore sounds rather diverse than the previous 9 compositions.

Not only do axe solos, riffs and licks kick several asses, but to respect the eighties' canons all was faithfully taken back from that irrepeatable period.
Nostalgic grandpas rockers will find the artist's look and attitude rewarding as well, anyhow the best way to enjoy the Sunset Strip Rock of "It's Amerikid" remains by driving thru a freeway on a Mustang or Plymouth loaded with blond gorgeous lewd teens. Mr. Loud, you just can't imagine how much I envy your born winner life...



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School of Hard Rocks (CD - 2002)
It's Amerikid (CD - 2004)