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'Pure Breed'


MARK: 89/100


This third album from the ensemble of Adam Bomb's ex-bass player is once again self-produced. Not to be confused with the Mexican group of the same name, the Italian band have recently been touring extensively Europe without a manager or a booking agent; now that they've joined the ranks of Wild Mondays they are to open for AC/DC's skinbeater Phil Rudd after he solved his issues with justice; this proves that if you own a solid network of connections with key figures in your line of business you can go very far even by yourself, all the more reason considering that labels lost most of their power along the years, but at a certain point things business becomes so overwhelming that you need to entrust somebody else withe the booking and the promotion.
The artwork is in cartoon style and is matched by lyrics dealing with something as follows: joining a rock 'n' roll party, bombing till hell breaks loose, choosing a partner among the rejected, feeling new special powers, a predator woman (my favourite), tired of being betrayed by someone you put your trust into, a parody of a poser drummer, traffic issues, leaving one's mean hometown once and for all to have a new life chance. The last lyrics are more vague and could be referred to an adrenalin kick, a drug fix reacion, or more probably a career advancement.

After the almost martial and slightly intro "SNPC", "War Thunder" hits with its Heavy Rock notes, powerful back-up vocals and bass lines. What follows the drums fill-in is a string of stunning Heavy Metal guitar solos, before the refrain strikes back.
"Taking in the Out Takes" starts with a riff structured in the trail of AC/DC's, while the next vocals and arrangements exploit the path of artists apparently far from each other such as Little Caesar and Danko Jones; once again the axe solos surprise, being both skillful and extremely ear-pleasing. Then it's time for a melodic break influenced by Billy Idol's 90s material, and finally it's another refrain and axe-solo party time at the closure. This song has been matched with a video depicting moments in the UK only recently which can be seen at the following link:
Partially driven by The Knack' "My Sharona" and embellished by a refrain working splendidly, "Radioactive" has a lot to offer as it can count on Guns 'n' Roses' guest guitarist Bumblefoot displaying all his tech know-how during his licks and another impressive solo.
Accompanied by another older video (, the title track enthralls and fires souls, able to be the right link the old spirit of AC/DC and recently-established acts. The icy on the cake is the interlacement between the Rock guitar solo and the superlative drums fill-ins.
The nth hit boasting a hypnotizing refrain and lively strophes, "I Need A Holiday" is a simple vintage song that run smoothly even nowadays, while "I Fucking Hate Drummers", written along with long time stage mate Adam Bomb, quickly proves to be a pearl to enjoy live, in one's room or car with the same degree of satisfaction, also thanks to a spoken word insertion reminding the young angry and brakeless Dave Mustaine.
Taut and old-styled, "Stuck in Traffic" is US Rock marked out by female Be Bop/Cadillac/Drive-in 50s-like backing vocals, horn honks and vocal complaints.
A contemporary U2 kick-off immediately followed by tribal drumming is what distinguishes the first seconds of "Hometown", later bound to explode and proceed alà Jane's Addiction and the likes. There is actually much more in this track: heavy guitars, semi-distorted guitar strokes, echoed vocals all reminding the best of the 90s, all followed by a bass solo within a Progressive Rock frame and a Metal/Prog guitar solo. The amazing vocals and the modern touches are a real surprise, yet they fit perfectly into a band like the Italian three-piece.
"Magic Mountain" closes with hard Rock beats, female back-up vocals and a way of advancing made of chiaroscuros, explosive drumwork, a Grunge axe solo and another very moving one reminding mid-era Scorpions. It is really an original composition and might be the sign that Dobermann are evolving into this direction? At any rate it's pleasant to see that the combo from Turin has a large number of facades and countless nuances of their personalities to offer.

Notwithstanding a drum-related occasionally noisy recording, the rest of the sounds by Fabio Trentini (H Blockx, Guano Apes...) is absolutely brilliant and this "Pure Breed" constantly demonstrates that the Italian trio are not new to the game and are here to stay with their easy and metallic breed of Traditional/Modern Rock.


Line-up on this record:
Paul Del Bello - b., lead v. (also in Adam Bomb, Adler's Appetite, Motorcity Brags, ex-Henry Padovani (live))
Antonio Burzotta - d., back-up v.
Valerio 'Mohicano' Ricciardi - g., back-up v.

Turin - I

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