'The Concrete Fog'

(Post Tenebras Rock)

MARK: 96/100


An adrenalinic version of the Muse with original and very expressive vocal styles, groovier than Red Hot Chili Peppers, more many-sided than Faith No More. This and much more, Djizoes distinguish themselves having a European sound that makes them inject Metal bolts every now and then, and sometimes the rhythmic section becomes so heavy to remind me of Judas Priest. Confused? I would be too but I assure you it makes sense since experiencing their music multiple times keeps on giving me all of these musical connections.

Six quite long tracks standing out through a convincing capacity of merging sudden pattern changes and avoiding style downfalls.
Remarkable are also the lyrics emphasizing modern alienation owing to the growing number of hours of new media, and the consequential ascending coldness, arrogance, selfishness, insensitiveness and inability of handling simple human relations by most of the current human kind, oblivious of the healthy values of the previous generations.

Powerful but also refined in the not rare melodic parts, the skillful Swiss can count on a loftily-talented vocalist who can luckily supply us with an ample ranking of feelings, rendering each composition unique not only as concerns this record but as to the whole history of Rock, Hard Rock and even modern Metal. If you take a song like "Childhood" you will realize he is an heir of the "Tattoed Millionaire" Bruce Dickinson, able to scratch and leave a scar but also full of pathos like not many within the world of today's metal scene.
At this point, I dare to say that the only thing they need is an indie company with a good distribution and promotion service, and last not least a smart video, otherwise you're going to hear me talk again about a new case of pearls cast before swine.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2006

Line-up on this record:
Dje - v.
Vinch - d.
Iv - g.
Ales - b.

(N.b. A second guitarist has been recently recruited).

Ales Campanelli, 7 ch. De la Bergeronnette, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates - CH
Official site:

-The Concrete Fog (CD - 2003)
-The Erkonos Project (MCD - 2005)