'Loučení se svetem pozemským '

(Crystal production)

MARK: 88/100


This Czech act has been around for a long time and of course has gone through several line-up changes, which may also be seen as an advantage for the creativity, as the entry of those new members has bred more interesting and personal enough material. Just from the cover, the colour chosen (red sand), ruling the half of the artwork, I knew I'd find a special taste of doom metal and it was actually so: simple but at the same time distinguishable, with a several keyboards interventions while the flutes appear very sporadically.

"Stara zeme" is an example of semi-acoustic progressive Doom with steady folk influences; the vocals here are not only growled but also declamatory, while the dynamic "Mohylove Hroby" is undoubtely one of the best tracks here included, funereal and displaying a monumental break.
Lethal folk Doom with a few hysterical vocals is "Rujana", witnessing the singer's will not to bend himself to stereotypes or trends. Another masterpiece suitable as soundtrack of the ceremony of your inhumation.
"Divci Valka" is not a bad song at all even if a bit hard to assimilate, but luckily we have "Pocta Morane", more catchy soon after. This spiritic composition avails itself of a successful duet with female guest vocalist Johanka Terynkerova and also contains a valuable keyboards work that will make some aghast. Personally, I felt as if I'd been catapulted into a damned cemetary where time does not exist, and the following ivory notes of "Bohu Nemily" together with the gregorian back-up vocals don't make me feel at ease at all; excellent and heavy stuff, dudes!
Very symphonic, pompous and rich of lively slapped bass lines, as well as a supreme break and Doom/Death riffs is "Horici Mosty", whereas "Zrcadlo Nasich Skutku" stands out thanks to hieratical vocals matched with other angry and 90% clean ones; some crushing riffs and the good drumwork will please early My Dying Bride followers.
From the obscure Doom/Death of "Pronemy Slov" as far as the folk Doom of the partly acoustical, vital and melancholic "Prvni Lekce Radosti", we get to the end with the instrumental "Jedenact", a piece of cheerful Heavy metal that brings some happiness to our minds because it's so different from the rest.

Good idea was to present a translation into English of the lyrics all in the hard Czech language for a Western man like me, well-done the recording, but what matters most, fairly personal: that's why I would define Dissolving of Prodigy as a prog Doom metal outfit, almost as genial as the pioneers of prog Doom, the reformed legends aka Confessor, although the ways the two bands walk are that far one from another. Recommended for those who like that sort of not too deadly and monolithic Doom.


René Krystyn: 0605 713786
Vlastimil Kvoch: 0732 100906
E-mail: dissolving@seznam.cz
Official site: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/club/1974/dissolving_of_prodigy.html

Echoes Of My Sadness Demo, 1993
Dissolving Of Prodigy-Damocles Gladius/Forgotten Silence-Clara Single, 1995
Lamentations Of Innocents Full-length, 1995
Time Ruins Also Beauty Full-length, 1997
Loučení se svetem pozemským Full-length, 2002