Dismembered Fetus - "Generation of Hate" (Pigeoneck)


MARK: 95/100



After 3 years of long pursuits and eventually thanx to the great Subordinate distro I've been able to put my hands on the only CD (something more than a promo collection of demos to achieve an amount of 31 trax) that this dead Denver-based band has recorded so far in a very limited number of copies.
Exaggeratedly corrosive grind/death/noise with some jackass riffs, like in "Noise 1", stacks of ultraferocious crust vocals, guitar thrusts and lyrics - so painfully sung that you couldn't imitate'em even if they were tearing off all your nails one by one - and "Ooka Mooka", cover of the classic of Festering Puke. They don't want themselves to be taken seriously, as they are so politically uncorrect, hypercensorable, and friendly with a crude language that might stun or make a docker unloader clap.
In my own conceit the masterpiece best representing the whole concept of Dismembered Fetus's genre is "Colfax", which prob'ly later influenced Hemdale a bit, while "Noise 3", "Bloody Vomit", "Noise 6", "Noise 7", "Noise 8" and "Noise 9" remind of Sore Throat, owing to the piles of shredded riffs separated one another in every track. "Ode to Nathan" and "Panic Attack" on the contrary, seize your testicles, randomly slam'em on a fucking table, then jump onto the poor attributes till they're sheer bloody pulp, and excuse me if it ain't much!
Most of the songs last a few seconds of course, athough some are much longer ("Dogrape" 4'45" and the title track, curiously put at the closing of the CD, longer than 6 minutes).
If you're searching for a sum of the best mid-90's grindcore before the great Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nasum and so on developed new ways of playing this style, then you won't be disappointed, also by the adding of cool intros from "Goodfellas", "Full Metal Jacket", "Cape Fear", "Ninja Scroll", "Unlawful Entry" and a few others not for the soft-hearted.
D.M. deliver the right soundtrack to listen to before driving to office 'n' shooting yer boss's arseface out before he/she's got time to say hello.