Disfigured Corspe

'United Hellland'

(Crystal production)

MARK: 75/100


The old band from Ostrava, Czech republic, has gone through several line-up changes and is back with its third full-length; despite the name, there's not much brutal Death metal in this CD and hardly any growls, and most of all the attitude is far from what the name would require.

Their music is based on Grindcore and Death metal mid-tempos, suddenly interrupted by furious Hardcore accelerations, like in the efficient "Holy Propaganda" or the finely-riffed "I, Me, Mine (Selfish Signs)". The vocals swing from brutal Hardcore to other aggressive ones, sometimes backed-up in an old school Hardcore manner ("Toy Games") or more modern ("Not Understanding"), placing singer Vladis 999 close to French deities Blockheads' microphone leader's style, while clean vocals are also used in "Chill out".
As to the lyrics, they range from supporting working class, to attacking Nazi Black metal bands, to stoned crazy themes, yet the best written is "Mind Obsessions", dealing with the fake world of techno discos, where appearing and living for a momentary ecstasy trip try to hide an inner void that definitely can't be filled this way.
Courageous songs like "Four Seasons" are deign of the repertoire of Naked City, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and Pungent Stench, whereas "Ave Maria" is a very short track, yet not Grind.
The palm of most vicious songs goes to "Blood" and "Parasites", while "Deliver/Destroy" mixes Punk and violent Grind/Hardcore, resulting not far from the Napalm Death of "Nazi Punks Fuck off"; that's an exception as Disfigured Corpse sound closer to the more recent Napalm Death in a good portion of the rest of the CD, like in "Lights out". "Upper Society" sometimes reminds me of German grinders Nyctophobic, but things radically change with "Six Six Six", sounding like a coarser version of Motorhead; it's not clear yet if they wanna show their humouristical and mocking side of party band after the shows, but this song, alike "Four Suicides Enough, Honey (Comrades Are Already Dead)", "Viva La Nu Metal" and the queer "Dehydrant (Boys on the Cock)" don't make me laugh and the last track is PURE VOMIT!. I have sense of humour, but it seems only Macabre, Onkel Tom and few others are able to be credible and nice at the same time when dealing with this sort of material unfortunately.
Luckily, the level becomes high again with the groovy "Life" and the twisted and supremely screamed "Instant Purity". A very drunk cover of Patareni, "Obrij me majko motornom pilom" and then the main pattern comes back with "Repeater" (Napalm Death's ghost soars again), one of the few compositions with guitar solos by guest Mros 111, also responsible for samples; the other guest musicians featured are G.O.R.E.'s Jose Nogando and boys from Hibakusha, both on throat duties

Several lights but a few shadows too; if the Czechs can avoid such softy moments, then they will express their uttermost potential. They need to learn that they needn't necessarily have 20 evil or heavy compositions, but if they wanna manifest their funny side they must do it well. Not an unforgettable album, we'll see what the band takes out from the hat next time...



E-mail: disfigured.corpse@post.cz

- The Born In Ditress And The Funeral In Borde Of Society (rehearsal demo 1991)
- Fall Down Reality (demo 1992)
- Evolution (MC 1994)
Fall Down In Reality / Grains Of Sand That Gone With The Wind Split, 1992
Flash Of Pain Full-length, 1996
Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000 Full-length, 2000
United Helland Full-length, 2002