Disarmonia Mundi

(Self Produced and distributed by Self)


MARK: 88/100



A kind of very melodic death metal in the vein of In Flames, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Soilwork and the likes, full of memorable vocals, catchy or aggressive ("Blue Lake" or the title-track) doesn't really matter, atmospherical gashes when necessary to emphasize their ever successful and personal ideas is what you find in this 8-track CD rightly entitled "Nebularium".

The thing striking is the fluidity and elevated songwriting/arrangement levels reached for a band born in 2000 and at their very debut. The whole record is homogenous and devoid of fillers, but if I were to be asked for my preferences, you know, in that case I'd choose "Burning Cells" because of its strength, but how can one as well not be deeply fascinated by such vocal brush touches and the alternation between dreaming parts and others, fast and massive, like the ones at the end of "Guilty Claims"?

Produced and recorded by mastermind Ettore Rigotti, also drums and some guitars, the album enjoys clean and powerful sounds and a balanced mixing, that doesn't fear to hide anything, not even the great guitar solos (luckily!), differently from the way some bands do, tending to 'dig' them a little.

A band who don't seem Italian, who can cope with foreign competitors, rather professional and most enterprising, that's another reason why I like them so much. Besides some little pronunciation or grammatical mistakes that few will realize of in Italy, I feel they've very intelligently used their present potential, of course improvable in the years.

Not only do they promise well and have just added a 2nd guitarist, Disarmonia Mundi play shit-kicking music and definitely ARE the best and most unexpected purveyors of poetic, sad and melodic Italian death metal. Leopardi would be proud of you guys!...



Current line-up:
Benny Bianco Chinto, v.
Ettore Rigotti, d., g.
Simone Palermiti, g.
Mirco Andreis, b.
Federico Cagliero, lead g.