Dimension Zero


(Liquid Records)

MARK: 88/100

Not to be confused with the way more popular Death/Thrash metal act hailing from Sweden, this US one-man band leads to the debut and it does with a singular metallic silver de-luxe packaging openable from both retractable sides endowed by a gripping artwork. It is undoubtely a heterogenous record, as it alternates Electronic pieces with others where the artist's Rock soul prevails; although I am said to be an evolved rocker and a metalhead as well, at the end of the platter I have no bias regarding the unelectronic tracks, which I repute a good thing because it means that he can deal with the two styles with equal ability, only helped by a live drummer occasionally and a strict circle of noisemakers-friends.

After the disturbing intro "Sex & Murder" unusually finds place the only cover version of the range, "God Part II", an almost unrecognizable song originally incised by U2 on the occasion of their multi-platinum album "Rattle & Hum", and not a case the only song letting positive lyrics and a gleam of hope transpare. Musically speaking it is Dark EBM, yet not a dancing floor hit, just an easy to remember, similarly to "The Era of Voyeurism".
Maybe Dimension Zero is not even aware of that to date, but "The Haves" has a lot of potential due to the beginning that follows in the wake of Marylin Manson, and the following 80's Electro reminiscences and amusement arcade noises. I particularly appreciated the lyrics, stressing out the growing injustice economic and life quality differences bewteen the rich and the poor, consistent with the remaining lyrics useful to open one's eyes once and for all and heavily sounding like the last wake-up call.
"Static Space (Snuff Pop Inc. Remix)" is the best composition, disquieting and overflowing with imagination. The sounds are different, but the attitude is sort of close to Alice Cooper singing as a guest for Nine Inch Nails, enriched by sublime insertions, effects and bases dear to Dj Shadow. Another remarkable note comes from the excellent use of diverse vocals (also Brit Pop) and the perfect fusion of all this melange into a real composition. This song is destined to last over the years, since it is art and not a market tool, or - if you prefer - the north American musician and vocalist's pieces are similar to stars and not meteors.
Alternative Rock mixed with Emo and Bluegrass, "Ice Man" stands out thanks to an infectious refrain and nervous underground sounds.
Like I said before, the first time you listen to this record you just don't know what to expect in the next song, and hopefully we won't in the future releases either. This aspect is most plain with "Nascentes Moritur", a song I wouldn't usually listen to if it came from a common band; still, things change in this case, for the ace in the sleeve of Phillip Montgomery is the artist's capacity of making dragging a style usually despisable to our ears. This is mere Cabaret music and Foxtrot but there are also so many flashes borrowing elements and voices from Mr. Bungle, Naked City and T-Ride, that the more it passes by, the more you pump up the volume! Very cool and appreciable is the wind instruments employment, too.
You think it's enough with experimentation? Damn wrong, blokes! "Replica" cheekily throws U2, At the Drive-in, Queens of the Stone Age and Turbonegro into a blender, whereas another highlight seems to be "R.I.P.": Dark rock and Indie rock with earthquake-sort beats burying the vocals, closed remarkably, and capable of satisfying No Means No's and the Mission's fans' ears for sure and probably Nick Cave's and Iggy Pop's as well.
Finally, "October" closes the platter in a melanchonic and undistorted way that soon turns deeply grey when cemeterial keyboards step in and come before a bell tolls and a freezing wind, announcing the Grim Reaper's approach.

At this point, we can't only cross our fingers and wait for good sales and critics' results; what I propose is a systematic word of mouth referral to our friends and people in the music industry listening to Electronica and Rock, with special reference to the above-cited bands and also to Depeche Mode, Recoil, Erasure, Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Elvis, INXS and the Doors. Then in a couple of years the successor of "Scythe" will be seeing the light and we will be taking this little jewel out from our dusty ranked collection with a bit of nostalgy immediately replaced by aggressive, adrenalinic and groovy feelings.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd October 2007

Line-up on this record:
Phillip Montgomery, all instruments
+ guest live drummers and chainsaw/noise makers

P.o. Box 510565 Salt Lake City, UT 84151 - USA
Official sites:

Scythe (CD - 2007)