Dillinger Escape Plan +
Icarus of Line

Live at Bologna's Estragon -31/08/02




I knew it, gee! Sooner or later it had to happen that our mark system'd suffer from a shortcircuit.

The experience that 600/700 people lived under the big tent yesterday for an hour and a half after the average and boring show of Icarus of Line won't be easily forgotten. More intense than every show I've ever seen (and they're many of several music genres), even than Cryptopsy, whose show was the one that had impressed me most till last night, the 4 guys from Dillinger distinguished themselves for a rare mix of skill, fierceness and folly.

As a matter of fact, especially the vocalist (session- I was told) kept on frantically moving, jumping, stagediving during the show, while the 2 axemen were massacring and rolling around their wrists and in the air their guitars. The singer then, in order, threw a case to the center of the stage on which he got more exposure for his performance, then cast countless plastic bottles towards the public, broke a mike pole, punched his right guitarist's back a coupla times, pushed him away as many times to avoid crashhing him, started talking and singing about pizza and spaghetti on a dance-base, and finally threw a chair to the public who promptly split and threw it back on to the stage.
Of course the bass-player wasn't a mummy either at all, and the drums were hardkicking as ever for a caustic HC/grind assault with a few melodic stops and dreadful blasts, going over again the best production released in their still short career to their latest MCD, including the big hits from "Calculating Infinity" like "Sugar Coated Sour" and "43% Burnt" at the end of the show before the 3-song encore.

But of course, if you've never been to a Dillinger Escape Plan show, you just can't imagine what it's like. It's really worth and you won't get asleep on the couches at least with this singer. I know someone who did it when they were on tour with Botch, but that's another story and the people would rather have stayed home.