'Auf Kohle geboren'

(Sunny Bastards records)

MARK: 71/100


Although disappeared in most advanced countries, the mining job is still present in the German Ruhr area, and Onkel Tom has decided to be the first to dedicate his new band (monicker and the whole of songs) to this topic, thinking of his youth when he started Sodom and still had to spend time in coal mines to earn his living.
Die Knappen don't even try to create something new, notwithstanding their genre of Metal isn't traditional and shares some structures with Thrash and Rock at the same time; think of a German version of Motorhead and you won't be too far from the truth.
The catchiest songs seem to be "Der alte Mann von Revier 10", the Punk/Metal "Et nützt ja alle nix", and the nice "Komm mit auf ein Bierchen nach Gelsenkirchen", but they won't make this record a classic. Easy to listen to, especially when in company, "Auf Kohle geboren" is a light album that gets to the end smoothly, but not one of those memorable albums you wanna play again and again.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 20th, 2010

Line-up on this record:
Onkel Tom Angelripper - v. (also in Sodom, Bassinvaders, Dezperadoz)
Detlef 'Magic' Lauster - g./v.
Ralf 'Schiri' Schieritz - b. (also in Wortmord, Corona Dark, Amber Moon, Souls In Chain, The Wizard)
Frank Seraphin - g.
Stefan 'Sys' Schlüter - d.
+ guest guitars by Andy Brings


Official sites:


-Glück auf (single - 2008)
Auf Kohle Geboren (CD - 2010)