Acts of Rage

(Spitzenburg Records)


MARK: 85/100


It's quite rare that a band states one's influences so plainly nowadays, and what's more surprising is that those inspirations are not even so overwhelming! After only a 4-track-demo-CD Devious already have a professional product in their hands, starting from the excellent recording making you hear all the instruments clearly including the fretless daring bass acrobacies to the cool old style artwork, without forgetting the most important thing, the songs themselves! The only faults I can find in this CD are the loss of the lyrics and some little imperfections of the guitars and drums, but on the other side they also make it sound more natural and human.

I warn you! To listen to this album you need steel eardrums, as evinced from the opener "Haunted" at once, more a punishing assault than a song, actually, in which Morbid Angel and At the Gates are brilliantly matched with a modern edge. The title track proves to be more dynamic, while "Harlequin of Perpetual Destiny" stands out through its drum work, various and grounded on kick drums. After the melody of "Suoived (introspection)" the tension grows in the course of "Conjuration of Destruction", which then becomes the most crushing composition of all, quite Kataklysm-like (like "I'll Slice you into Pieces", presenting great entwinings between voice and riffs). The closer "Dragged Below" owns an incredible melodic break midway, soon afterwards followed by a bridge even reminding me of Iron Maiden!

"Acts of Rage": the proof that it's hard, though possible to create technical, fresh and powerful at the same time, by using odd rhythms along with old death metal patterns. And the band can still improve themselves a lot, so prepare yourself for the Dutch death squad's rise!