'Make It Belong to Us'


MARK: 79/100


Fourth record out for the Swedes (and first on Fuzzorama), "Make It Belong to Us" is inspired by life experiences, decadence and vaguely apocalyptic lyrics that only the members themselves can explain in detail and offers a polished production by the drummer himself where bass frequencies don't claim the lion's share, especially the bottom end.

In these relatively short tracks there isn't much Fuzz or Acid Rock, but on the contrary large portions of Heavy Rock are present with occasional vocal influences of Dave Grohl's style, for instance the catchy refrain in "Out of the Block"; most of the guitar solos are melodic, elaborated and slow, showing a very personal style and that's indeed a rarity nowadays.
There are thick disquieting riffs in the opener "Make It Belong to Me" (chosen for a video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uUjAZqirEg), there's infectious and swinging riffing in "Chief", while "Mind on Hold" is the first real Stoner song of the album and takes the listener's attention over from beginning to end, thanks to the vast array of classy Rock vocals and precious drum licks.
Powerful and hypnotic, fitted with misty vocals, a killer Prog refrain lifting us to other worlds, "Lever" is one of the highlights of this album.
Also "Drive" enjoys excellent vocals, well-conceived and performed, and set off by proper sounds and mixing.
Although many reviewers stressed out that "Life in Decay" pays a tribute to Led Zeppelin, I believe that this is true only as to a part of the guitarwork, considering that the almost angelic vocals and the tight drumming are more importantly the most vital ingredients in this song.
In "Dying to Feel" the vocals wink at Grohl again and the rhythm patterns follow Foo Fighters' lesson without even trying to hide it, whereas "Reflecting Surface" deals with Stoner Metal, recurring to dreamy or alien vocals, with the bass more palpable than elsewhere. In my own list this jewel has been topping the charts for a while.
Even if this kind of effected vocals appears again here, "What Remains" delivers a plainer sense of anguish, oppression, and melancholy absent before; the refrain rises above a wall of headbanging Stoner/Doom, whilst the central structures see the drummer busy with mighty precise drumbeats embellishing the song. No surprise this has been chosen to be accompanied by a shocking Thelma & Louise-inspired video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZqGe30mscw).

The Malmo quartet avoided intros or outros, and the solos materialize only when necessary; this proves that Deville (nothing to do with Poison's guitarist) are down-to-earth musicians who are interested in shaping catchy hooks with the use of three vocalists on hefty textures and they haven't lost their path even on this fourth long-player, satisfying fans of Mastodon, Baroness, Black Tusk, Orange Goblin, Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age and many others.
The integrity and honesty of the musical endeavour shines through, making this a thought-provoking, wistful creation with some real magic...


Line-up on this record:
Andreas Bengtsson - g./v.
Markus Nilsson - d./v.
Andreas Wulkan - g./v. (also in Claptrap)
Markus Åkesson - b.

Malmö - S

Official site:

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