'An epic defiance'

(Osmose Productions)


MARK: 86/100


If there was something I didn't expect, that was the return of vintage Swedish death metal, or if you prefer melodic death alà Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and the likes. Actually some chips of black metal are present, and heavy metal guitar solos abound, although all of the music is much more elaborated than these 3 genres might make you think about.

Good guitar solos and high global skills complete the picture of the Dutch. I guess their MCD "Lost Euphoria" will soon become a most searched for object. What can be improved is the effectiveness of the songwriting, on some occasions a little unripe, but this really means to split hairs. The positive aspects of this CD reside in the relaxed breaks used in songs like "Sword-carved Skin" or at the beginning of "The Collision of Despair", or again in the whole "Lost Euphoria pt.II", actually nothing more than an intro for "The Last of My Commands", proving the band owns a marked sense of melody and knows when to use it. Please make no comparisons with the above cited masters, and yet don't forget that if you wish to live such feelings again today, this CD is a good starting point.


Contacts: www.detonation.nl