"Zur Stille finden"-Split CD

(Cudgel Agency)


MARK: 70/100


The German Depression play a grindcore with some death metal influences and have a long experience on their shoulders, even if just a full CD, "Chronische Depression", released, one year ago, while the Spanish pathological grinders Haemorrhage are less old than the former, though Morbid Rec. has already disgorged 3 legendary CD's for them, besides some Mini-CD's and EP's, and, last but not least, a massive live activity. D. sometimes remind of early Napalm Death, like in "Defaced", and some death m. traces are left and well recognizable, listen to "The Battle", whereas the following "An Autumn Blaze"'s got 2 deadly accelerations, and different extreme vocal styles, thanks to 2 growlers and founder mastermind/polyinstrumentist Kai's screams. Very brutal and well recorded, the 11 songs also feature Agathocles' "Enough"'s cover.
The crazy gore-grinders from hot and dry Spain don't need any introduction; enough to say they're the first extreme Spanish act signed by a foreign label; H. display 12 tracks from their best gigs in their mother-country to satisfy our thirst for their impending new album, "Morgue Sweet Home". I had to turn up my hi-end knob to the 'midday hour' to enjoy it, cos the recording is good, yet very low, but you'll fast forget this small defect when hearing the 5 huomourous nice guys, also helped by their funny pronunciation of English.
I prefered H's side, not only because of the well-performed covers from Carcass, Impetigo and Regurgitate, but also owing to the fighting spirit sweating out of the songs, proving they are at the top of their career. How higher can they arrive? And how much GORE can you take???


Depression's disco-/demo-graphy:

'90 "Tal der Tranen" Demo
'92 "Vergessene Welten" Demo
'93 " Verzweiflung" Demo
'95 "Erinnerungen" Demo
'96 "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7"EP
'97 "Böses Blut" Split-CD with Agathocles
'97 "Die Zeiten ändern sich" Split-7"EP with Maggot Shoes
'98 "Enjoy or Die" Split-tape with Hierba
'98 "Ein Hauch von Moder" Part II Split-7"EP with Rejectamenta
'99 "Und keiner weint uns nach" Split-10"LP with Rot
'00 "Chronische Depression" LP/CD
'01 "Zur Stille Finden" Split-CD with Haemorrhage

Contacts: Kai Sattelkau; Westricher Str. 62; 44388 Dortmund - D;

Haemorrhage's demo-/disco-graphy:

'92 "Grotesque Embryopathology" Demo
'94 7-track professional demo for labels only
Feb '95 "Obnoxious" EP
May '95 "Emetic Cult" CD
Oct '95 "Scalpel, Scissors and Other Forensic Intruments" promo tape
'97 "Grume" CD
'97-'98 Split EP's with Damnable, Denak, Groinchurn and Ingrowing
'98 "Anatomical Inferno" CD
'00 "Loathesongs" MCD of covers of Carcass, Impetigo, Defecation, I.Nazarene, Entombed...
'00-'01 Split EP's with Gonkulator, Embolism, Suffocate and Obliterate
'01 "Zur Stille finden" Split-CD with Depression
'02 Morgue Sweet Home" CD/LP


Ramon Checa; Apdo 27106; 28044 Madrid - E