(Osmose Prods)


MARK: 85/100


Deceived by a quite epic intro, the Mexican band, formed by Ravager and Disgorge members, starts with the great riff of "Legion of Horns", preparing the listener for a harsh and rapid march into a set of true heavy blows enriched with asphyxiating drumming, very fast and various guitar plots. All songs are good but the title track and "Christ Carnage" have something more, that is, once more, superb breaking riffs. Whether you dig Ravager, Thornspawn, Domain, Impiety or furious screamed Speed/ Black/Death in general, based on an anti-trendy raw production and mastering by Erik Rutan at Mana Studios, then you'll understand why Demonized were initially signed by ex-Angel Corpse Gene Palubicki's Evil Vengeance records. More brutality, skill and effective songwriting together have been rarely seen.