'Cyber Human'

(Self released)

MARK: 87/100


Ex-Delirium Tremens kick off their digital career with a mini CD which proves to be professional under every aspect, with the only exception of a venial fault in the editing of the lyrics artwork; it deals with the apostrophe, wrongly replaced by an 'I', but for fuck's sake! Nobody's perfect and the rest of the artwork is great and strictly faithful to the concept, based on topics such as mankind's alienation towards machines, mental massification leading to a dehumanization of the flock, the lack of a choice for those without a strong will and personality, mind control and other issues beloved by George Orwell, David Icke and so on, of absolute up-to-dateness.

Regarding the music, we have the opening track "1,000 Wolves", starting in a very brutal way with extremely hollow vocals; the speed keeps high until a majestic slow down in the trail of old Death metal comes out to prepare us for 2 nifty melodic guitar solos. "Science" blows your fucking brains off thanks to the double vocals (high and low) and another memorable slowdown that made my neck and mane wave unbridled like only the best 80's Death metal bands were able to cause me to do. Just an arpeggio is the short "Delirium 1991", while "...Inside Me" needs remembering by its catchy bass lines, a tough deceleration and a dynamic riff following. I have no doubts to appoint it as one of the highlights of "Cyber Human" along with the opener.
A real plague on CD and a track destined to blaze the pit of the first lines live is the title track: massive, contains a malignant riff and a final attack in the purest style of brutal death metal old school, in which the rhythmic section reinforces a couple of riffs of pure fucking Thrash metal! Jeez! My mouth was drooling when I heard the tapping bass lines hopping on such guitar lines I hadn't heard for so long a while, so I replayed that song immediately.

This CD is already a proof of the members' capacities, so I think that with the impending debut full length the songwriting will be even smoother. I don't feel like commenting on the originality of the proposal too long; let me just say my view, that is that everyone's free to set up a band and it's pretty normal that the first CD of a band may remind of some other bands' styles; why don't we just assume that everybody has to begin somewhere and pay less attention to one's own influences? Everybody has improving margins, and unless you REALLY copy a band, I wouldn't feel ashamed to have similarities with the top Death metal acts of 10/15 years ago.
Add that the songs reign supreme, that Fabio 'Med' generates skillful axe solos, the recording far more than satisfying, and each one in the 5-piece up to their task, therefore I only hope that the new skinbeater Thomas Lorenzi can cope with Giorgio, forced to leave the band after the recording for personal matters. I never heard anything else from Delirium X Tremens, so I can't compare this mini CD with their possible previous demos, yet my thumbs can't be but up for these savage Venetian fellows.


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Via Pialdier 137 e, 32028 Trichiana (BL) - Italy
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E-mail: info@deliriumxtremens.com