'Mors...Sub Specie Aeterni'

(Nomos Dei Production)

MARK: 82/100


After seeing their wonderful logo, I decided to review this CD earlier than the others, unlike the order of my pile suggested. I admit it's not professional, but sometimes luck intervenes in the fortune of some acts and I am that kind of person that listens to his guts most of the times. I was right because I've met an interesting outfit able to raise deep emotions and appreciation from my inside.
This half-hour EP contains 5 tracks sung in Russian with English translation on the right. Deathmoor are a Russian 3-piece who chose a
black and white artwork reminding of underground Death/Thrash bands of the 80s and early 90s for this record; nothing new but always effective and appreciable.
Their music makes one think of Attila Csihar, latest Mayhem and, to a minor degree, "For All Tid" by Dimmu Borgir. The vocals depend on all the 3 members depending on the needs of expression, the guitars have good sounds, whereas the drums don't, with particular lacunas in the snare drum, often inaudible.
The Russian musicians are original, hypnotic and arbitrarily low-fi; they display unforgettable riffs catching everybody's attention in every composition, both when the guitars are distorted and also when they are undistorted and markedly melancholic. The guitarist often recurs to the barre position to deliver his riffs and distinguishes himself on the rest of the band, giving his best in "Beyond the Horizon Edge...", a special song between Ulver and Satyricon. I don't think it's an intentional choice but the drums so devoid of impact and a guitar with reverberation galore obtain a mesmerizing effect, which is surprisingly positive as it seems the band are playing underwater!
Despite the fact this album should be mixed better, we must observe that few bands play this sort of Black metal with such convincing prowess and that's what sets this trio above competition.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
Suicide - lead screeching voices, lyrics (ex-Lash)
Sadist - guitars, bass, acoustic guitars, me
lanchonic voices, keys (also in Misanthropic Art, SS-18, ChristInvertion, ex-Baal Zebuth, ex-Lash)
Gxfff - drums, melanchonic voices (also in Lindisfarne, SS-18, Thou Shalt Fall, ex-Baal Zebuth, ex-Lash)

Stavropol - Russia
Official site:

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