Death Dies

'Product of Hate'

(BTOD recs)

MARK: 88/100


At last the Paduan band has recorded its 3rd full length, 5th release upon the whole to be precise, confirming the 3-piece successful line-up heard in the previous CD of last year.

You can find some infernal and symphonic black in "Thorazine" and "False Philosophers", shot quick from the very beginning. Fast time changes and granitical drum work are what characterizes the title track, full of old style rhythms with 2nd guitars overdubbed not only during the solos. Simply divine the riffs in "Sundown" and the final one of "Unholy Revenge", while "Hateproduct" proves to be a dynamic song enriched by imperious guitars. "Trigger" and "Day of Doom" are more thrash than the other 10 tracks; the latter also stands out thanks to the good final arpeggio.

The only composition that doesn't satisfy me completely is "Faust 2000"; I think there're some small imperfections in De Saba's work and the mixing is unbalanced after the guitar solo, but there's a song like "The Circle" that will definitely make you adore Death Dies; as a matter of fact first it'll hit you and stun you with its initial nu metal riff, to become black soon afterwards, and the only femmale vocals of the record, Jordan Lee's, make the Paduan trio sound like the fit heirs of the early Celtic Frost. Finally, "Roots of Chaos" shows as fast as hell drums and the darkest bass lines of all the opus.

Also bear in mind that we'd better hope for the vynil version of "Product of Hate", if any, cos it'd feature a bigger Hieronimous Bosch's "The Temptation of St. Anthony" version; in fact he's the favourite painter of the past not only for me but for a lot of metal heads as well, owing to his exceptionally pioneeristical operas (along with more classical ones) about hell on earth, witchery through derangement in fantasy. And give a look at the interesting and well-written anti-religious, apocalyptical, battle-like and proud lyrics, the rest of the artwork and the nice messages included.
Well spent money for 45 minutes of music without any tinsels, displaying Death Dies at the top of their shape and back to their roots.



Samael von Martin: v., g.
Demian De saba: d.
Rex Tenebrae: b.

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