'Flying in A Cloud of Controversy'

(Gazochtahagen records)

MARK: 72/100

Veteran of the Hard rock/Heavy metal scene, David Neil Cline leads to his fourth full-length, embellished by a perfect, clean, powerful and loud production.

The first thing you will notice even if you don't have previous knowledge of his past works is that every song, either melodic, or tight and crushing
or simply an up-tempo is that he spread lots of sweat in order to offer great refrains to double the impact of the groovy riffs.
In his long career, the Michiganian artist has improved his vocal skills as well as his lead/solo guitar masterdom, and that's why he can boast an excellent rendering of an acoustic Spanish-based track such as "Tamale Fever", which would make Santana's liver burst with envy.
As if it weren't enough, the 14-track Cd also includes songs that can only be the product of a genius. Not many might have a fervid imagination so as to compose a track like "Aggravated", heavy, weird, classic, and rich in diverse styles all masterfully matched. Definitely a potential heir of Frank Zappa.
Like said before the CD contains a great deal of tracks, as well as influences, and that's why mentioning one song instead of another appears to be a crime; therefore I'll just limit myself in informing you can for example find an interesting mix of Deep Purple and Motley Crue in "Fuck the Jones'", and immediately after "Alien Fetus", resembling Iron Maiden in some structures and sounds. In the end, what matters is that the rather long CD smoothely arrives at the end, also thanks to instrumental tracks that make the blend even more multiform.

David basically does everything but the drums and only in a few moments does he need the guest assistance of 3 guest musicians. He even took the recording and engineering duties in his arms, and this is a confirmation of his value and the blindness of labels after 3 decades of aworthy and respectful career.
Some lyrics are angry and politicized, but unluckily I can't tell you more as I'm devoid of the full copy of the record, but the titles and the lines I dug seemed smart.
After all, a pretty good album in all aspects, destined to appease you during room or car listening sessions. If you like this genre but for any reason have missed the opportunity of grabbing his old works, now get-at-able only at high prices due to the few copies of vinyls printed, do yourself a favor and give him a chance this time. This time you have myspace and the clip of "Road Rage", so you have no excuses!


Line-up on this record:
David Neil Cline - lead vocals, rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, bass, Hammond organ, assorted percussion
Jeff Giovannangeli
- drums
J.D. Donnelly - bass on tracks 9 and 11
Todd Reed - guest guitar
Jim Morris - guest guitar

4504 Forester Rd., Carsonville, MI 48419 - USA

Official sites:


-A Fit of Rage (EP - 1987, remixed and remastered on CD in 2007)
-Malefic Influence (cassette or vinyil - 1989, repressed on CD in 2000)
-Thorough Scrutiny (CD - 2001)
-A Piece of History/The Best of (CD compilation - 2007, containing 4 remixed old tracks and 2 unreleased ones)
-Flying in A Cloud of Controversy (CD/DVD - 2010, as The David Neil Cline Band)