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I've always been a freak for essays about history, philosophy, sociology, biology, arts, esp. music, esoteric and occult topics and much less of novels, as the time in my life is short and I don't wanna waste it with a book that doesn't teach me anything. So welcome was Coelho's the Alchemist for example, for it was an exception among novels, because it taught me great things about life visions.
Now, "Tales from the Time Loop" is a mix of both, as it starts with the British writer's biography, but it also includes and describes all of the subjects he feels he has to tell the hidden truth about, be them the universe's and mankind's origins, media control, global conspiracy, the secrets of ancient, modern and contemporary history, illustrating convincing explanations of the mysteries of the past and also the lies told in the last 100 years, all connected as a puzzle, or a web to be fashionable.

I know that to most of you such topics may seem just a very imaginative man's plot so as to exploit ingenuous people, but only the very few of you who had the same experiences like me or Icke, the same mentors, the same stunning intuitions can feel and understand it's all true. It is still hard for me to accept the Reptilian's plan, but for you who have to start discovering through thinking about the global conspiracy, I can say: take all of the coincidences and the unexplained or blurred important facts in the last 100 years; then, like in Matrix, you can still accept to live by closing your eyes, or live and know, but there's a price to pay. I know it's hard, for knowledge always makes people sad and worried, because things are going worse and worse in a fast way, we're losing all the controls of our lives, our money and freedom and we don't even realize. I prefer to know what I have to die of rather than acting like most people; they are sane, yet they insist on acting as if they had mental problems and would not able to be aware of reality.

My hope is that more and more people will read and take seriously this info, so that the word will be spread. Watch out! David is not a preacher and not even a charlatan who wants to sell you some new religion. On the other hand, he's a very sensitive person, who has experienced lots of events many will never go through or at least be able to recognize they had. He is rare, because he found out a hint of some topics and then luckily went on with his research and worked hard to collect as many info as possible to get to the truth, and here it is. I don't wanna point anybody's head a gun to believe Icke's theory here exposed in the most comprehensive form than in all of his previuos books, yet if you're into, for instance, Carpenter's flicks, and you wanna know something more specific and REALLY surprising about the world we live in and the oligarchy commanding us in a way that is even more detailed and frightening than that superb movie (trust me, you'll learn things you've never known, it's not the same refried bullshit). You can say it's sci-fi, fantasy sprinkled with a lot of data you can't personally verify, but for fuck's sake! How many coincidences are necessary to convince you? Just read the parallels between Diana and Marylin Monroe, or John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, and your jaw will fall to your feet!

I started viewing things differently thanks to my ex-Finnish girlfriend; she told me a lot of things I can find better and more widely explained in Icke's books, so it's natural for me I like and believe his theory. Let me stress out she didn't know about the English pen champ until my last contacts with her (now I don't have any news about her), and as if that wasn't enough I can tell you that my life changed when I met her.
Like many intuitions David used to have, I happened to have a radical one; in the summer of 2000 I came back from a journey with some friends to Portugal; that was very disappointing cause I didn't have much fun and I wasn't in tune with them, personally and taste-wise, but only after that trip I fully understood it. I only had 3 days left before going back to my awful job and I felt a strong feeling that urged me to go to Denmark. I didn't wait long and I went alone to Copenhagen after a train stop at Hamburg after 18 hours of travel. I just booked a youth hostel's night and so I only had the chance to visit the nice Copenhagen after Hamburg. It had been more than 5 years I wanted to go to Scandinavia but my friends always found job, girl, money loss or other alibis not to come, but only that time I felt - even if not economically cheap and comfortable - I couldn't wait and had to leave and arrive there asap. I just couldn't resist. To be short, that unforgettable girl worked at the hostel I booked my room and at lunch she came to me after I decided she was too beautiful and surrounded by too many boys courting her to be hooked by an eternal loser like me. I couldn't believe that! I hadn't found an Italian girl in 2 years and in 2 days I got that cute woman asking me what I was going to do at night! After some kisses I had to leave the following day and thought it'd've been just a summer lovestory; I cried when I was about to get on the train back to Italy and I thought: "Yeah, man, she said we'll keep in touch but I know how such stories end." Result? After 10 days she bought a one-way ticket to Milan and came to live with me in Italy, leaving her job there. I won't bore you about the rest, but the period we spent together was very intense and profitable for my 'alternative' knowledge luggage. It sounds like a movie, or a dream, but it's a real part of my past life that would've been completely different without such a person who I'll never thank enough. After she showed me the way, I started to read and look for material about that and looked for or incidentally met people who showed me and explained to me further things and points of view. I still have a world of problems, mainly financial and familiar, but at least I live my life not like a zombie.

So, what Icke wants to urge you to do is to follow your heart and not your mind so as to change your lives into better. Sometimes I still fail to do that because I'm not an elected like him, I mean that I don't have the certainty that something shall always save me after a big change in my life responding to my sixth sense but considered unfit, crazy or dangerous for my mind-prison, nevertheless I can find some similarities with him that spur me to read something more about his previous operas.
No gossips, only confirmed information and details about the Presidents of the USA, and also other countries (Berlusconi included) Vips, the English Royal family, Nazis and/or Satanists, rich and powerful people in all the world, occult symbols, powers hidden behind ambiguous meanings the herd doesn't know or misinterpretes, the galaxy's plot, 4th dimension, mind control through the Big Brother, the reasons and the interests behind all wars and economic crisises, the true roles of so-called humanitary organisations, and so on.

After all of this, one Hamletic doubt remains unanswered: since the accusations David moves are manifold, precise and extremely serious, how is it possible that he hasn't been silenced, killed as it happened to Stanley Kubrick probably, or threatened? Maybe he's a part of the plot and he's been embodied into the big Pyramidal all-controlling and mind-boggling system to buld a career in his own conspiracy therory niche? Unlikely. Or, more probably, couldn't it be that the former and current US and UK presidents, the other prime minsiters, the leaders of world organizations, the Rockfellers, the Rothschilds and all the other part of the Illuminati group think that his accusations are so strong that they become ridiculous and therefore unvulnerable to the mass's minds? Murdering him would make him a hero, a saviour?
I have my view and I know I'll soon find out the truth for sure, meanwhile I strongly recommend you look for any of his books, even if the latest is the most comprehensive of all of course. What you can be sure of is that his books are written with the aim to stir up things, and believe him or not, there certainly is something different than the official news, mainstream science, etc. , something more than meets the eyes...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 12/3/04 updated in 2022.

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