'Buttfucked by Destiny'

(Crude Entertainment records)

MARK: 74/100



Third release for the new-born Polish label, dealing with a German 4-piece dedicated to playing old school Death metal. The average pace is mid-tempo and the songs are very simple and straightforward owing to the use of an only guitar. There are occasional accelerations but the songs remain precise and clean on those occasions too, without ever reaching extreme limits.

A good chaining of downright riffs is the skeleton of "Walls of Ignorance", whereas "Empire of the Lie" and "Age of Depression" seem to me close to Apophis. Catchy and in your face is "I Should Be Dead", but probably the best and most creative track is "Forbidden Happiness".
The growls are never too guttural but they are a little more brutal than the rest in "Age of Depression", which also includes cool bass lines.
"Self-Exorcism" sees several rhythm alternations in the vein of Thrash metal riffs and Death metal patterns and vocals, while the title track and "Amok" are mid-paced compositions with even rare and almost unperceivable Black metal riffs and blasts, the latter also including a few groovy passages, putting it a step over almost all of the remaining ones.
The macabre details of "Koma" close the CD unmercifully.

More variety is expected in future musically and vocally. Last but not least, a mention goes to the right cover artwork chosen, which probably represents how I'll end up very quickly thanks to this world fuller and fuller of buttfucking shitty people (bourgeouis and not).


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