Dark Ritual - DemoCD/CD-ROM


MARK: 95/100



Beware! Not only US kids had better keep in mind Chicago's 4-piece's newest sensational CD, featuring 3 brand new audio tracks, recorded at Signal Sound Source in Chicago and produced by George Langis ( Mudvayne, Lungbrush, Smashing Pumpkins… ), and a very pro multimedia section featuring the video "Frayed", and tons of pics. It is indeed true that when a band tries to play something outa devoid of personality new-metal or harmless pop-punk definitely chooses the hardest way to break into the music revolving-door market. But Dark Ritual possess something more than the average bands:

1) Intelligence

2) Effective songwriting

3) Deep self-esteem in their own potentialities

4) No mental boundaries

5) Courage.

Which are proved already starting from 'Frayed', where we can enjoy the sharp alternation between raw, aggressive riffs ( sometimes reminding me of Prong's ), and other new metal ones, in the true sense of the word, or in the following 'Princess', still heavy, but also dangerously dark, entwined with nervous tight bass and drum parts, and very good breaks and guitar solos in the end. There is such a cure in the details and a remarkable songwriting freshness, that you can easily learn the songs, without getting bored when you play it again, and it still will kick your spine after a long time you haven't heard it. The longest composition, the closing 'My Skin Unbroken', displays superb vocals, first Tool-oriented, then anguishing; here one more time we've cutting solos after a successful break and before a Maidenesque bridge, and then there's only darkness, bass first, then clean guitars and drums, to prepare us to the climax. D.R. never bore anybody, cuz they don't limit themselves within only a style. Give'em some time and you'll see they're destined to last long. Traverse into the chaos of your souls.
Contacts: darkritual@darkritual.com