Dark Clouds
Global Depressing System


MARK: 88/100


What a pleasant surprise the listening of this 10-track album (+intro, outro and a hidden amusing grind chip) by heavy metalcorers Magyar Dark Clouds is, who take no prisoners in the autobiographical opener "Destiny Express", showing a fine blend between brutal and narrative vocals.

Later, we find that one of the several things that catch the eye, or better, the ear, are the heart-felt arpeggio and some good melodies in "Another Man's Fate/The Promise", strongly depressed and disilluded, as these days seem to be, unfortunately, while "Diamond-Cutter" and "Course of Life" remind me of "Spit or Swallow"'s Konkhra on more than one occasion, that are my favourite compositions of all; thing which is relatively surprising, because Konkhra were a kick-ass band and now Anders's company is back, and secondly since Dark Clouds write and arrange songs divinely, without forgetting the importance of their professional self-production and tremendous mixing by Cserfalvi "Töfi" Zoltán (if it's true that nowadays you can have a valid production with a reasonable amount of money and technological means like on this CD, then would anyone tell me why there're still so many recent albums sounding like a fart from a gutter?).

The alienating prophecies repeated in "The Great Disappearing Act" are smartly placed there to grant a short pause to get back one's energies for the final assault perpetrated by bulldozer "0049301888130", "Doing Time", gifted with so ironic and catchy vocals that it fits a videoclip best than all, and the closing track "Determined", basically an old school hardcore song with the addition of hammering metal parts.

Guys, I do invite you all to contact the band and order a copy of "Global Depressing System" with your eyes shut, as it's a rare work melting:

a) songwriting, arranging, playing and singing skill
b) aggressiveness and strength galore
c) memorable refrains
d) interesting and intelligent lyrics (which I agree with by 90%)
e) meticolousness; nothing here is left to chance.

These 5 young people have clear-cut ideas, so expect an even more destructive work next year and keep in mind: WHATEVER HAPPENS, REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!"


Band Contact:
Tauszik Viktor, Budapest 1042 Leibstück Mária utca 50. IV/9.
Tel.: +36-1-380-4088, +36-20-3482-771

E-mail: vtauszik@freemail.hu

Requiem For A Helpless World demo 1996
Downward Trends (for promotional use only) demo 1997
The Horror Of It All EP 1999
Nadir LP 2000
Global Depressing System CD/LP 2002