Dark Clouds


(Self released)

MARK: 95/100


A hot underground come-back in the sign of the most headbanging metalcore, heavier and more straightforward than the previous "Global Depressing System" as already expressed in the punishing beginning of the opener "The Hungarian Underground Lifestyle"; featuring a new bass player (that you can hear and enjoy from the 1st to the last song, thanks to the excellent recording), this new 7 track feeds the mouths of the hungry crowd with songs like the very tight "Marketing Strategy Free Zone", enjoying the beneficial push of death metal riffs, stagediving elements and including great anti-showbiz lyrics ; however all of the lyrics of this promo are remarkable, like the ones in which the unity of the band is confirmed, that is "Dark Clouds Are Gathered", starting with a hard rock riff and then taking back the main path, enriched by an irresistible chorus; this track follows the granitic kick drums and the savage vocals of "Ties that Bind", which besides "As Daylight Yields", a groovy HC/Metal Lake of Tears' cover version, is one of the best songs here included along with "Writing the Requiem ...2003" (a new version of an old song of the Hungarian band, gifted with a full-of-pathos guitar solo and then a welcome neckbreaking riff, rare to listen to these days) and the final "Against All Odds We Move Along" The slayers are awake, watch out or be sliced! 10 years and the legend of Dark Clouds lives on...