'Worship Nothing'

(Mad Lion records)

MARK: 81/100


Believe it or not, the quartet from Baltimore is one of the few brutal Death metal bands which have been in the pro music biz for a long while to still own a total outspoken in-your-face attitude. Go read their lyrics and the notes for each member and you'll get the evidence they're not claptraps. These north-American furies won't let anyone tread on their rights and are those kind of folks that prefer to argue rather than talking at your shoulders. They probably won't have a rosy career as diplomats or shop assistants but they are definitely cut for entering my élite of friends because they got my sympathy at once when I read the thankslist and especially the shitlist!

Music-wise, this second full-length continues on the path of that so-called Hate/Gore metal that has been picking up acclaims both from fans and media punctually since the times of the "Beneath the Inverted Cross" demo release, this time adding more variety in the topics dealt with: not only splattering, torturing and smashing worthless beings but also examples of the unexistance of God (whatever you call it), selected misogyny (some women are OK, like the ones that allowed the paintings on their backs as shown in the background of the booklet), insanity, scorn and revenge. That said, the lyrics of "Bottle of Piss" and the title track seem written for or by guys like me and constitute the highlights of the record.
The four die-hard thugs surprise thru "Kill U, Fuck U, Eat U, Shit U out", a bit influenced by the early Dying Fetus, "In God's Hands", debtor to the first four albums by Cannibal Corpse, here tributed with the evergreen coverversion of "A Skull Full of Maggots", but there are fairly personal-styled songs as well, such as "One in the Chamber", containing some of the toughest vocal lines heard lately; maybe that's why this is my favorite track out of the fourteen here included.
It is not specified if Sicko is responsible for all of the vocals, but it is likely that they have been divided between him and guitarist Rez like in the past; however, those who are not acquainted with the band as of yet want to know that there's an ample array of middle, bass and ultra-bass vocals within the tracks of "Kill Everything - Worship Nothing".
Don't expect keyboards nor a highly skilled performance in the way of the Canadian tech Death metal jewels such as Cryptopsy or Neuraxis, just a balance between the old school (certain 90's-oriented tunes and solos such as the ones in the titletrack for instance) and the majority of structures on the path of the more recent acts grappling with US and Swedish Death metal.

Further buying incentives come from the top-notch front cover and the recording, drenched with killer powerful sounds and a mixing aimed at emphasizing the heaviness and the speed of the drums. In conclusion, Dark Disciple equals pure Death metal with no compromise. All zines and webzines whose motto is 'If it ain't brutal, don't fucking send it' shall be satisfied.


Line-up on this record:
Rez, v., g.
Sicko, v.
G, b.
Maddog, d.

E-mail: darkdisciple666@yahoo.com
Official sites: http://www.myspace.com/darkdisciple


When the Wicked Inherit the Earth (Demo, 2000)
Beneath the Inverted Cross (Demo, 2002)
Unholy Hate Gore Full-length, (CD, 2004
Kill Everything - Worship Nothing Full-length (CD, 2006)