Cryptopsy - Ungentle Exhumation


MARK: 90/100



The pearl I'm talking about is nothing but the re-release of the not to be found demo spawned in the far '93 with some additional illustration and photography, and is a unique chance to listen to the raw style Cryptopsy have been greatly developing during these years, and, moreover, something that should absolutely appreciated by the early fans who stopped following the Canuck band when listening to "Whisper Supremacy" (of which I ain't a member at all). "Gravaged (A Cryptopsy)" stuns evryone with its highly-damaging riffs and accelerations, and sadistically perverse lyrics, of course brutal, yet so charming, while the clear and massive production embellishes "Abigor", displaying a few embedded-at-the-right-time-and-place arpeggioes, in order to prepare to face the tremendous double-bass drum blast.
"Back to the Worms" starts straight to your jaw, then it unexpectedly slows down before an inhuman ultimate onslaught with "None So Vile"-esque drum rolls and guitar solo thrust. The time for a furious headbanging arrives with the closing ultrablaspheme "Mutant Christ", song that won't permit your cranium to remain intact and so much the less motionless, once more with incredible devilish bat cries to make our ears cum galore.
Conclusions: "Ungentle Exhumation" is not a must, unless you're die-hard C.'s fans like me, but I have got to say as a chronicle duty, it's fiercer, more powerful and better played than many other present C.'s skilled colleagues' products.