Count Nosferatu Kommando
Ultraviolence Über Alles

(Kodiak Rec.)

MARK: 90/100



There's no doubt that the future of music - also HM - is in the hands of technology, therefore in the possibilities given by the several genres of electronic music.

A wave of freshness is the one brought by Count Nosferatu Kommando, side project of Rheidmarr, singer of Anorexia Nervosa, another great band who's released at least a pair of excellent records, who's been able to find the right balance between Hellektro rhythmics, bombastic metal guitars, vocals ranging from death, powerviolence, psychotic genre and few harsh old black metal too, martial atmospheres, and symphonic keyboard elements.

Perfect reflection of this fucked-up modern world, in which terrorism, civil wars, abrogation of human and animal rights and reality shows rule, CNK rise from its suburban vault with their debut-album "Ultraviolence Über Alles" (what a superb title!), to make humans face their shit and pay for their crimes.

Men, this is the soundtrack version of "The Clockwork Orange", where Jim Beam, 8 o'clock news, cynical nihilism (no mercy, no respect, no law, no peace, no love, no future), and hypocrite good intentions merge into another to create a brand-new frightening creature.

By mixing Skinny Puppy, the most electronic Fear Factory, Rammstein, Samael, Laibach, Slayer, Deicide and Sex Pistols in a way never done before with a good production, it's easy to understand that CNK are the ultimate war machine. This is no Mortiis's techno shit! Just listen to "Apology" and you'll be cast away in the core of the pit of a futuristic Colosseum, by the sides of slaves and other wretched people sacrificed in a sanguinary impossible-to-win battle against fierce beasts, with the deafening background of a shouting bloodcraving audience.

Admire the geniality of compositions like "Political Police" or "Get a Gun - Shoot at Random", within which the drum machine is fast and various, although its utilization is different from Mortician's or Agoraphobic Nosebleed's. "Love Game Over" is prob'ly the most suitable song for a single and to be appreciated live, what is certain is that CNK want you dead, decidedly.
Kneel down and get ready to pass away...