(Self prod.)

MARK: 87/100


There's no doubt the 80's were a period in which a lot of artificial bands had success and only kick-ass bands like Guns 'n' Roses or Metallica could emerge from that mess of kitsch and taken for granted songs, images and so on. The 90's brought more depression and stagnation and of course the worst has no bottom, so now those bands have disappeared in a way or another and the fear of risking and labels' blackmails reduce most bands to performers rather than artists.

From this asphyxiated view bands like Coppersonic are fighting to stand out and I'd say their resumes are fit for this aim. Besides boring and futile distinctions about what is really alt rock, I'd just like to tell you that if you're chasing a band which can skillfully mix US Rock, Blues and an ounce of Country without losing their integrity, then you should contact NY-based Coppersonic a.s.a.p.!

Just enjoy the highs and lows in "On and On" or the ones in the dynamic single "Tomorrow Girl", by the way gifted with a great chorus and then hit your stride with this superb self-released debut album.

Actually for and old rocker like me, I admit my fave composition is "Memories of Hollywood", enriched by bass lines so rich of feeling, and a bit melancholic keyboards, but Virginia's leader John Truelove can show good things with his melodic touching vocals in "Hghway Blues" and "Stars" as well.

The band experimented with digital recorders and computer based production tools but found the overall quality somewhat cold and sterile for rock songs with a traditional American, roots sound, so they decided to utilize a vintage sound studio fulla classic studio effects and instruments used by bands like The Rolling Stones and The Allman Brothers; that explains why (Italian-American?) John Carini's Fender howls so well in "Time Wasters Club" or "Love Lies Bleeding". After the excellent "Live through Anything", that's gonna work fine especially in live shows, we got the closer "Reno", all but a cheesy acoustic ballad.

There's something to improve in a few vocals not mordant enough, and 3/4 tracks would benefit smoother arrangements, yet I consider Coppersonic quite a promising act and a crime bigger month by month, the fact they still haven't been signed by a mighty label now that they've solved their line-up problems owing to skinbeater John (yes another John!) Cina's entry.


Tel: +1 (0) 917 488 6869