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Due to the corruption of Italy at all levels (postal service included), we warn you in advance not to send us big parcels or they will get back in return or even get stolen. Maximum size recommended is: 32x3x23 cms
ATTENTION - When you send us DVD's/CD's/demotapes please be sure they are in bubble envelopes or similar as we've received damaged CD's lately. Those assholes of the Italians and all their services, included their postal service, are frequemtly handled by troglodyte rough thieves who are not very gentle with their customers (and in this case their letters and packages), so please keep this in mind as it would be a damn shame to you and us if the discs arrived cracked.
If possible and not too expensive, it is safer to apply to a carrier or a forwarding agent instead of to the post service.
This way your package destination can be traced back and it is sure it will arrive and not be stolen in Italy.

At request

We suggest you send us full original material and not CDrs or DVDrs because they are not all (perfectly) reproduced on all players and also read our guidelines in the 'about us' section. Thanx in advance for your collaboration.

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