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Hey Markus!! Thanx a lot for the review you gave us....It gave me chills reading it !! Great hearing from guys like you, who really know metal, that you think we're making some good music !! I'll anwer all your questions as soon as I can (this week !!) Just let me end this by saying again how much we appreciate this and when (if) we tour Italy, your backstagepasses will be waiting for you ;-))
Gabor, Roadkill's drummer

Hello Markus! Thank you so very much for the refreshing review on our CD. We worked very hard on the album and we hope the next one is as good or better. We are playing live doing showcases here in TN locally and hope to eventually hook up with a tour and promising record comany. If you know of any record companies who would like our stuff please turn them on to our CD. Again, your review was very inpirational and we really appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, and honesty. You are right, most reviewers prior to you have labeled us as a Prog Metal band, which isn't bad but you are more on the mark with calling us a Metal band. We are somewhat progressive but we keep the dark heavy feel throughout our music that true metal demands. We are just a more versatile metal band that thrives on the heavy sounds of the 70's, 80's and 90's in which that's a good thing we feel. I am glad you like our music and hope you turn many heads (skulls included) our way. Thanks again and rock on!
Scott Clarke, Chromium Blitz's guitarist/vocalist

Hi to you, here Heimoth from Seth.Just surfing on the web and saw your good review of divine-x.. Cheers! H Official

Hello Markus..... THANK YOU MUCH!! YOU HAVE A KICK ASS SITE!!! I'll add your link as soon as possible, I promise!!!!! Keep in Touch!!!!!

Hail Markus, I checked your site it is Killer, it is what I call true essence of indipendence!!! I am trying to leave a message on your guestbook, but it does not work. Anyway I am telling you now that I like it. Keep in touch horns up
Satanic Hail
Agamoth, Abgott's singer, guitarist and bassist

About Kingcrow's review, beside thanking you as I must, I'd like to say you that among the many good reviews received (about 95% as votation), this is the one that most catch the meaning of the album, and this make me so happy.
Consytech Ltd's label owner Giuliano Liberati

Markus--- this izz sooo coool!!!! my computer was broken all week-- i just got it back and wowww!!!--that wuz such a great and in- depth review of my recordz. you did a great job and gave me a score double as high as Iusually get!! You and rockmetalbands rule!!! keep up the great work.
Steve Liebermann, one-man band musician

I went on your site too. Really impressive and absolutely serious review !!!! Many reviewers should have a look at your work to understand what a TRUE review is !!!!
Inhumate's drummer Fred Anton

Markus, All I can say is THANK YOU. I've sent our latest CD to nearly 100 music journalists and we have gotten some very nice reviews, but YOURS is BY FAR the most interesting and the most THOROUGH. You have a true gift for writing reviews. Most reviews are at best a paragraph or two long and are written with extreme laziness - most of the time all the journalist does is quote from our bio and call it a review. Yours was extremely well thought out and a truly interesting read. I am extremely grateful for the thought you put into the review and the speed at which you posted it. I know you were apologizing a lot about the time factor, but you've got to cut yourself a break. Most journalists take 6-8 weeks to get a review written - and even then it's a mediocre effort. I was never once concerned about the speed at which you posted this review - you are a credit to the industry. I am supremely impressed with you and I PROMISE to get you any and all further UT releases. By the way we are recording our third album with a live drummer...should be interesting :) So in closing - thanks again for the amazing review and GOOD LUCK with your music critic career. This industry needs more people like you! Sincerely,
Joe Kiser from Unfinished Thought

Markus nice review I dig that fact you really took a look at every song thanks for your time. Also the kind words of inspiration at the end. peace.
Mark Knight (ex-Bang Tango, now in Gravy)

Marco ..greetings brother .. thanxxxx,verrry much for such a killer in depth review .. you ruuuule ,,, the best is yet to come ... cheers sick-o
Killjoy (Necrophagia's vocalist)

Hello Markus!!! We've just read the review you did on our latest CD, "WE MAKE EVIL FUN!" On behalf of St. Madness I'd like to say THANK YOU!!! Your words were very kind and we are pleased that you enjoyed the album!! I also wanna tell you that we are working to release 2 DVD's called "CARNIMETAL # 1 and # 2" The first one is footage from back when we were called CROWN OF THORNS. The second DVD is footage from 1998 forward, when we changed our name to ST. MADNESS. We the member's of St. Madness would like to wish YOU and all at "" great success in the coming years!! Again, MANY THANKS FOR THE VERY COOL REVIEW!!! Kind Regards
Prophet, singer of St. Madness

Markus!! How you do pall!! Hope great for sure!!! I´m delightfull for such nice review!! Hey - you touch my heart, i just can get any decent words to really show you our appreciation for such kindly words!! Thank you so much!! Hey, we band of the month!!! For free!! You´re kidding right!! I just can show you my happiness on that, Markus!!! Hey your definitely one in a million!! We will put your review on our website, and newsletter, that´s for granted!! Hey i´m getting an idea!!! How about a contest cd "Revelations" offering on your website!! I can send you a few ones for that, and´s Christmas right!! Just think about it and please let me know that!! Sure a t-shirt offering will be send it to you after the printing. Sure we can make an interview, text, via VOIP (skype software), or we can send you the answers via text or Sound files!! You´re in charge of decision.We´re waiting for you!! So once more thank you so much,many,many thanks and hey...get move your lazy ass for the interview and cd offering, for christ sake!!! Best consideration, Gil
Virgilio, guitarist from Phazer

Ciao Markus, scusaci se ci facciamo avanti per così dire "in prima persona"... Forse non è professionale, ma dopo aver letto la tua recensione non potevamo lasciare che passasse in archivio senza un cenno da parte nostra. Come musicisti e come componenti di un progetto, ci ha toccato profondamente leggere le tue parole: non è solo per le lodi e la grande considerazione che ci hai accordato; di questo ti ringraziamo e comunque ci rende orgogliosi, ma è soprattutto la sensazione di essere stati ascoltati da un critico attento a tutti i dettagli, che nei soli quattro brani che gli abbiamo proposto ha saputo scovare le nostre più profonde emozioni... evidentemente il nostro messaggio è arrivato fino al centro esatto del bersaglio, ma questo è sicuramente dovuto alla tua indubbia capacità di ascoltare la musica fino ad un livello più profondo, di questi tempi una dote rara sia tra gli addetti ai lavori, sia tra i musicisti stessi. Ti ringraziamo ancora per tutto quanto, A presto. Rock 'n' Love,
Mallory Switch.

Lieber Markus,

Es gibt keine Worte, welche beschreiben, wir wir uns fühlen, nachdem
wir Dein Review gelesen (und verlinkt!) haben. Du hast mit Deinen
kraftvollen Worten, Deinen wilden Bildern wahrhaft einen Roman
verfasst, welcher selbst als Kunstwerk gelten und gelesen werden muss,
was das allerschönste Kompliment für Matt und mich ist.

Wir danken Dir ganz herzlich für die Erlaubnis, diesen Text zu
verwenden, müssen uns aber noch überlegen, wie man dies tun kann, um
Deiner Arbeit gerecht werden kann, da heute ja so viele Leute Kürze,
brevità, als Ideal betrachten.

Natürlich bestaunen wir auch Deine hellseherischen Fähigkeiten, welche
es Dir erlauben, bereits jetzt die Alben der kommenden Monate zu
bestimmen! … Wir haben einen mächtigen Freund mit Dir! ;-)

Leider mussten wir die Arbeit am Video zu „Beneath, Beyond“
unterbrechen, da wir bereits wieder mit einem Freund am Schlagzeug die
ersten Songs für Armoury Of God, das nächste Album, aufnehmen können.
Wir machten bisher einzig für „2046“, ein Instrumental auf Th‘ Eternal
Wedding Band ein Video und Du hast ganz recht: „[…] it was in fashion
to visit cemetaries owing to their monumental value and depiction of a
culture by the way they were kept [...].” ... aber sieh am besten

Markus, wir danken Dir ganz, ganz herzlich für Deine einmalige
Unterstützung und es wird uns eine wahre Ehre sein, Dir unser nächstes
Album erneut zu senden!

Mit den allerbesten Grüssen,
Jan (& Matt)
Pylon/Quam Libet records

thank you again for writing the very nice review for our cd.
we really appreciate it.

bill martien
star fk radium

Thank you so much, we will upload this review on our FB account with a mention about your wonderful site!

take care
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