The Commander-In-Chief™

'Battle for the Mind'

(Self-released mini-CD)

MARK: 97/100

There is only one real key to happiness in life: to be able to do what you want and make a living off that; if success comes, better but it's no priority. Look at this awesome 21-year-old girl and fancy how satisfied with herself she must be: not only is she a great singer and lyricist, but she has also achieved elevated skilfulness in playing her 7-string guitar divinely and she's just released her second demo-EP, which has a good deal of chances of enthroning her as new Metal queen!

Overemphasizing Crystal Viper's lesson, "Dropout" opens hostilities with a fast, straight attack, embellished by brilliant vocals, sometimes going as high as only a woman can; there's place for a heavy as hell break, where the drums go fast before a slow part where the female vocals are split in two: seducing one and threatening ones laid one upon the other before a shredding killer axe solo. Some orchestral guitar lines are used to echo the superhigh female vocals. The mixing is perfect because one semitone higher and her voice would have sounded like a mouse's in a cartoon; luckily this mistake's been avoided, so we can enjoy the mid-tempo of "Great Expectations"; this song is suitable to become a single and also boasts a memorable riff, then the solo structure reminds of the "Rust In Peace" Megadeth. Another bull's eye hit by the stunning Californian goddess!
The third track is the cover version of Black Sabbath's very popular classic "Paranoid", enriched by her high vocals, made heavier and also more devilish by a few illdisposed effected vocals sounding like male ones.
For "Illusions Are Dying" the vocals and the arrangement utilised remind of a metallic version of Garbage, with the difference that this girl owns special charisma and her voice does hypnotize all of the time, not only during the chorus. Unbelievable is the blast-beat and the Guano Apes-like break before the repeated refrain and the shrieking vocals bringing the song to the end.
"You're So Crazy" is a short track where the band shows their Punk side; once again the superior mistress invents great vocals to make this song unforgettable, to put aside the typical high ones. A scorching guitar solo is the icy on the cake and the frantic drums add the necessary backbone to the composition.
The highlight is kept to conclude the mini-CD: "Battle for the Mind" is a Heavy metal song possessing all the traditional characteristics: hooks, guitar and drums solos, epic moments, catchy vocals, all one better than the others. On this occasion her voice is - oh - so sexy here that I'm raising the desk without hands and I don't doubt she is a witch or has at least some occult knowledge to awaken our senses, since I haven't felt such female power in over a decade. Believe me, I am not exaggerating: there aren't many women on earth like her and when you see her, listen to her voice or get in touch with her, you won't forget these peculiarities for the rest of your lives. Everytime I listen to this song I feel the same emotions and they don't lower after further listens; yes, audience, there's really something more than meets the eyes and I'm so into the path she's taken.

To me the biggest joy is the unexpected one, and that's the very case: owing to Ms. Hagen's 3 pics in the digipack and the absence of a booklet, I didn't know what music I would find in this CD, and now I can say I have found all that I'm looking for from a real Metal album: loud, balanced and clear production, excellence, sublime vocals and instrument performances, top-notch arrangements rife with catchy and powerful lines. If you are an honest, serious Metalhead endowed with self-esteem, follow my advice and do all your best to get this EP.
I adore you Commander In Chief, I am your little sex toy, order me whatever you want, I will fulfill your every wish with no hesitations.


Line-up on this record:
The Commander In Chief - v., g., lyrics
Hans Menacho - d.
Lance Morrisson - b.

First USA, then London - UK

Official sites:

-State of the Union (Demo - 2009)
-Battle for the Mind (Demo-Mini-CD - 2010)
-Evolution (EP - 2012)
-Dropout (Single - 2013)