(Solitude Productions)

MARK: 86/100

A limited edition of this EP, actually lasting over 36 minutes, makes me feel a proud possessor along with other 899 lucky ones.

The first track is in English, while the second in Russian, yet it is still the same song, the title-track, whereas the closer is less Doom, more classically guitar-oriented and Gothic, as it is a cover version of German Crematory's "Tears of Time"; in the end we can say Crematory play a sort of slowed-down Death/Gothic with some breaks along the lines of the early Paradise Lost. After all, a successful cover, yet not a masterpiece.
"Narcosis" reminds of Skepticism, but the keyboards add unique idilliac backgrounds at every passage. Moreover, Comatose Vigil also recur to additional vocals which do not belong to the Finns' repertoire, so it is correct to claim that the Russians' Funeral doom is less minimal, richer not only as for elements but also variations, like the final break, leading to another dimension, as though the listener suddenly fell into it. This different dimension
is based on a keys layer, as well as howlings followed by noises similar to underwater laments of an animal or an autistic child drowning.
Guitars as heavy as boulders, ethereal keyboards, drumming sometimes majestic and grim, sometimes sliding away onto your heads are the quintessence of compositions that will make your spine thrill, suitable to abruptly decrease the temperature in your room of 30° C.
A further mention must go to the singer, clever both when it is necessary to be raw and when the scream or the growl doesn't need too much scraping, the guitarist and keyboardist, precise and essential.

This mini-CD, gifted with a basic artwork and lyrics concerning a deeper approach between a man and the Earth makes my mind travel not only above graveyards but also vast spaces, where nature is still almost completely incontaminated.
Excellent prosecution, let's hope there will be new stuff from this band in the future after two years of silence.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd February 2008

Line-up on this record:
Keyboard Depressant, keyboards/b.
Vragomor, v./d.
Alexander g.

122151, P.o. Box 63 (for A. Kurdyakov), Moscow - Russia
Official sites:

Rehearsal I (demo - 2003)
Not A Gleam of Hope (CD - 2005)
Narcosis (MCD - 2006)