The Clouds


(Self released)

MARK: 94/100


A hot underground come-back from the ex-Dark Clouds in the sign of the most headbanging metalcore, heavier vocalwise and more straightforward rhythm-wise than the previous "Global Depressing System", but also more groovy. All that is expressed in the punishing beginning of the mid-tempo opener "The Hungarian Underground Lifestyle" at once; demonic vocals and furious guitarplot, that's what it is in short.

Featuring new bass player Turbok Gergely (whose work can be heard and enjoyed from the first to the last song, thanks to the excellent, crisp and involving recording), this new 10 track feeds the mouths of the hungry crowd with pearls like the very tight "Marketing Strategy Free Zone", enjoying the beneficial push of twisted death metal riffs, stagediving elements, shaped as an accelerating attack with several kinds of aggressive vocals and great anti-showbiz lyrics.
However, it must be said that all of the lyrics of this album are remarkable, like the ones in which the unity of the band is confirmed, that is "Dark Clouds Are Gathered", starting with a tasty hard rock solo and then taking back the main course, enriched by an irresistible chorus sticking to your mind forever; this track follows the granitic kick drums and the savage cutting guitar solo and the agonizing vocals of "Ties that Bind", which besides "As Daylight Yields", a grim and negative Metal cover version of Lake of Tears, can undoubtely be defined as one of the best songs here included along with "Writing the Requiem ...2003".
This one, on the other hand, is the new version of an old song of the Hungarian band, gifted with a full-of-pathos guitar solo and then a welcome neckbreaking riff, rare to listen to these days) and the warpath we walk by listening to the metalcore "Against All Odds We Move Along", substained by a good punching drum work.

Immediately after is the time for "Trapped in History", in which of course you don't have to expect any weakening; Viktor Tauszik's sand-paper vocals are pulverizing here; man, it really seems somebody's tearing his eye-balls away! The longest composition of the list is "Fauna Funeral", a peak of cemeterial doom, where some break reminiscent of the unforgotten UK scene seeing the early My Dying Bride as masters comes after a thrashing drum work and before a fast break, nevertheless here the throat duties are more performed with the goal to give the impression of a physical torture rather than a psychological one; a glimpse of hope can be distinguished at the end, but it's just a short pale delusion. I admit I like the fact that guitar lines try to be more various as for riffs, sounds and alternation between distorted and undistorted parts especially here and in "Tenacity Blues", an instrumental outro showing the most experimental side of the Clouds, based on keyboards, electronic drums, and an insistent riffing.

These times are hard, desperate and dangerous, and the Clouds write a perfectly suitable soundtrack to represent their ugly aspect. Awaiting for a deserved but yet mysteriously ungranted record label, the 5-piece delivers us 32 minutes that fly away quickly despite the viciousness and the heaviness, proving that their songwriting keeps itself fresh and uncompromising at the same time. 10 years and the legend lives on...


T. Viktor, Budapest 1042
Lebstück Maria utca 50 IV/9
Tel: +36 1 380 4088 / +36 20 348 2771