(Self-released cartoon-CD)

MARK: 76/100

It's already been a while (three years) since this album was released but I have been sent only recently; it means the band is still alive and working on the promotion of this not so new album; strange but possible.
The CD comes in a cartoon-CD with lyrics printed on the outside front and back cover, and from a reasearch via the Internet it appears to be the official release, which means it is not a promo.

The third CD off the north American 4-piece contains seven tracks, of which "Gangsta Stereo (radio edit)" is the first, ripping a mega-popular riff off Korn at the beginning; luckily it becomes more interesting later offering a good pattern of Alternative metal with a few samples interrupting a Rock tissue and a hypnotic refrain.
"Down" contains effected Pop vocals and an Arena rock chorus that gives me thrills down my spine, while "Wide Awake" is romantic and dreaming Rock (but not a ballad).
One of the highlights is the title-track for sure, with its crushing Modern metal/rock and dramatic vocals reminding Muse.
"Tomorrow" recurs to two kinds of vocals, one of which is in the vein of the James Hetfield of the Black Album, whereas the other is close to Puddle Of Mudd's vocalist.
The heaviest riff is in "Soul Creation", a decidedly involving and tight song with abrasive vocals and rippling drumwork. A nice guitar solo at the end of this raw composition is the icy on the cake. No surprise the song was chosen to appear on the PS2 videogames MX Unleashed, Downhill Domination and NHL 2004.
"Gangsta Stereo (album version)" is very similar to the radio version, just including more Hip-Hop samples within a Nu-metal context.

Cinder don't seem worried about creating a new style and that's why every song offers references to big mainstream Rock or Metal acts; the impact that some effected vocals and samples so far from those two genres have depends on the listeners' being of open mind or not, still I found this album pretty enjoyable even if not memorable.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - October 20th, 2013

Line-up on this record:
Roger Young - v., g.
Kenny Craig - g.
Brian Colbert - d.
Steve Reich - b.
Jorge Mendez (guest singer, percussion)
Rodney Tambling (guest guitarist)

Estero, FL - USA

Official site:

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