'The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror'

(Nailjar records)

MARK: 81/100

Naming their band after the popular Sci-fi alien creature, the British trio is back with an EP of 12 songs lasting in total less than 15 minutes, again without a bass player; the dry, raw recording was performed once again at the Stag Studios and reveals itself dry and slim, emphasizing the sandpaper vocals and the corrosive riffs, usually fast, but sometimes almost in mid-tempo.
All of the songs are short Grind and Hardcore chips with occasional Metal contributions, except the last one skimming 3 minutes, and they are characterized by intros, outros or intermezzos, mostly from movies if I'm not wrong.

Surprisingly the opener "They're Coming out of the God Damn Walls" recurs to a riff excerpted from Iron Maiden's early repertoire before a slamdancing acceleration; "Prowler" is another merciless composition matched by a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=o_hn4nblHPg) before the really brief "John Saxon".
"Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?" contains awesome rifferama, while "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" and "See the Dancing Freak" stand out due to their groovy refrains and the screamer's performance, delivering his very last breath in his lungs; "Twitch of the Death Nerve" is the most vicious track reminding of Last Days Of Humanity during the first seconds.
Groovy, crazier than usual and memorable, "Can You Fly Bobby?" is an unmissable composition, followed by a traditional one, "Brundlefly". Impossible to keep your feet and head unmoving with "See the Dancing Freak", preceding "Mazes & Monsters" is one more concise inferno, preparing us for "Raft Massacre" turns primitive and evoluted at the same time, as it contains the only guitar solo of the record; as to the beginning of "Horror Hag" it is undeniable that it sounds like Mortician due to its gruesome sicko's words then it changes and becomes the record's highlight, filled with demonic voices and concluded by a finale rich in threatening children's voices, in the way acts such as Engorged used to.

12 tracks of sheer attitude and pissed-off mentality have never sounded so good from my speakers...And I'm sure I am not the only one still loving these powerchords and old-school tunes.


Line-up on this record:
Rob Saunders – v.
Lewis Walker – g.
Chris Saunders – d.

Braintree, Essex - UK


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-The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror (CD - 2013)