'Males Infestus'

(Till You Fukking Bleed records)

MARK: 90/100


I really don't know what more one could ask for a debut demo when all is top-notch in every respect: amazing sounds, dynamic songwriting which keeps changing to keep the attention high without giving the impression of glueing different chips and structures within a track. The 3-piece from Brazil is a big surprise that no-one expected from that country: most Brazilian Extreme metal bands sound raw, less skillful and more straight in the arranging, whereas Cauterization are at another level. Getting in detail the slightly triggered drums display an array of Death metal blastbeats in the 3 compositions (+ intro): from the euroblasts of "Triumphal Obscuressence" to the bomb blasts and the hyperblasts of the title track that made the fortune of pioneers such as Cannibal Corpse; as for the guitars, the lead singer delivers guttural vocals and plays two guitars whose architecture is as ripe and involving as rarely can we see nowadays: tremolos, barre-fingered riffs and even a few hints of Black metal trills. If I have to find a tiny fault in this EP, that'd be the fact that the second guitar is a bit hidden in the mixing, but it's just a tiny aspect which can easily be improved in the next studio effort.
Polish labl Till You Fukking Bleed has seen it right, signing a band decidedly above the average with a fairly original style that once in a while can remind of the Austrian Belphegor.
"Males Infestus" is like a rabid dog and teeming with a vicious assault.. there's plenty of bite to go around and Maysa Rodrigues is probably demonically possessed by a south American evil spirit to boot. Death metal of the highest order.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012

Line-up on this record:
Maysa Rodrigues - guitars, lead v.
Trojillo Jr. - d.
Well Moia - b., backing v.

Sao Paulo - Brazil
Official site:


-Males Infestus (demo - 2011)