(Fonomidia records)

MARK: 80/100


Second studio full-length of instrumental Neoclassical HM veined by Thrash metal rhythm breaking patterns from the virtuoso Brazilian guitarist who also plays bass here.
The drum sounds and certain riffs have become more wicked and heavier in the rhythmic structures, for instance in "The Symbolic Philosopher (Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner)", maybe due to the new drummer who has replaced Sandro Moreira.
The guest musicians are three, but the keyboardist is present in several songs, so he almost looks like an official member of the whole record actually.
Another important aspect is the fact that among the 12 tracks are 2 cover-versions: "Speed Adagio" is an adaptation of W.A. Mozart's "Adagio", whilst "Ballet" was originally composed by Christoph W. Gluck.
As to "Dark Wishes", it displays a few additional tribal drums and one of the best riffs of the whole record, yet the real new element is the keyboards, used in most of the tracks, although not massively. The keyboards, along with some new stopped riffs, add the compositions a veil of Progressive metal, although it has to be said that in "Ceifador" they have 70s Deep Purple-oriented sounds.
The dynamic "Hellish Priest" and "Frankenstein Baby" appear the most interesting compositions both drums-wise and also since they contain piercing guitar solos shining above the rest of the album.
Very worthy of mention owing to their arrangements are "Hell's Gates", which can count on a cool, tight and catchy break before an axe solo on two occasions and the short melodic-laden closure, "Cold Nights". If you've never heard anything from Mr. Lichman, then you're strongly advised to start with these tracks to realize both of his main musical composing characteristics.
The remaining uncited tracks remain at elevated quality levels, notwithstanding they are less straightforward and a bit more subtle than the ones contained in "Firestorm", and I say this objectively, not with a negative tone.
Carlos is an excellent guitar player, composer and teacher, but he's also brilliant on the human side: professional, friendly, willing and collaborative, active and focused.
I do hope you will get the same feelings and pleasure I have when playing "Genocide", but if this doesn't occur and this sort of Metal is not your everyday soup, then you'd better take your time and be surprised how much it will grow inside you day by day.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2010

Line-up on this record:
Carlos Lichman (also in Neverland, X Project) - guitars and bass, keyboard programming on track 11
Rodrigo Cordeiro
- drums
Vernon Neilly - guest guitar on track 9
Thiago Marques - guest keyboards
Theodore Ziras - guest guitar on track 8

Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) - Brazil
E-mail: carlos@carloslichman.com
Official site:
He also recorded a guest solo on Brazilian Guitar Player Magazine project called “O Solo é Seu”. The solo number is six (rom 4:09 to 4:56). Check link below:
He also participated the TV show Bigorna Na TV: http://bigorna.tv.br/

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-Planet Rock (Single - 2003)
-Intense Guitar Playing (EP - 2005)
-Celebrando Mozart (Live DVD - 2006)
-Contramão (Compilation CD - 2007)
-Firestorm (CD - 2007)
-Rock Soldiers (Compilation CD - March 5th, 2009)
He also recorded a guest solo in the project "O Solo é Seu" from brazilian Guitar Player Magazine.
The lead guitar is from  3:09 a 3:32. Listen to it here:
-Genocide (CD - 2010)