'It Only Hurts When We Breathe'

(Self-released cartoon-CD)

MARK: 87/100

Massachussetts is one of the most Europe-influenced States without the faults of New York; more noble, clean, advanced and refined, the Boston area does represent Cancer Killing Gemini's music and attitude, fusing Pop, Industrial rock, Down tempo, Post-grunge and Electronica from both the sides of the Atlantic. The biography itself describes the debut from this one-man act referring to influential bands such as Big Black, Fiona Apple, Jesus Lizard, Tears For Fears, NIN, Portishead, Deftones and Pixies; I would add Filter and the likes, but I guess you already got the picture.
Eric's previous project, Kittymonkey, an Electro-Pop foursome, the tour as a bassist in company with 'luv punks' Battershell and the experience as a frontman of Hard rock outfit Decaf brought him to the point of realizing it was high time he unveiled the ideas he had kept in his mental drawers in the last years.
The record is pretty versatile and contains enough personal solutions after using the cited combos as a starting point. Almost all of the arrangements are perfect, the painstaking vocals and lyrics can make you comprehend he worked long on them, so that all tracks could potentially enjoy radio airplays, although my own preferences go to the electric compositions ("Christcontrol", also available as a promo video on you tube, "Prescription Drugs", "Mistletoe" and "Butterfly").
The recording is professional and bombastic, whereas the songs contain quite a lot of catchy and hypnotizing choruses and vocal hooks. Need I say more so as to make your mouths water?

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 20th, 2010

Line-up on this record:
Eric - v., lyrics, all instruments

77 Allen St., Braintree, MA 02184 - USA

Official site:


-It only hurts when you breathe (Cartoon-CD - 2010)