Byfist - "Adrenalin" (MCD)
(Saba rec.)


MARK: 90/100


Not all young metal fans know that the history of Reverend, Heretic and Metal Church are intertwined in a holy trinity of power/thrash metal, also without forgetting Kurt Vanderhoof's courageous Hall Aflame, which proposed a sorta HM/southern album back in '91. In an odd twist of fate after Heretic's dissolution, which saw singer Mike Howe leave to Join Metal Church, the band evolved into Reverend and recruited ex-Metal Church vocalist David Wayne. And there is a lot more...

However, during 2000 Wayne and the infamous Warrior's guitarist Joe Floyd produced this EP we're reviewing, and in 2002 6-stringers Davey Lee and Notch Vara from Byfist joined Reverend replacing axeman Chris Nelson. Bassist John Stahlman's position would be taken by Pete Perez, a veteran of Carrion, Spastik Ink and hard rock legends Riot.

And there's no joking with'em! As a matter of fact we meet a few sounds and riffs alà "Kill'em All" in each of the 4 songs, which is already something that launched me into the air from my faithful cushion, joyful and adrenalinic like when you can enjoy a horny cute teenager's ervices again after years of cheesy older girls. Moreover Vikk Real reaches very high vocal peaks, in the vein of "Painkiller"'s Judas Priest, Winters Bane or really early Anthrax (USA), effective refrains, and substantial guitar riffs, with no trace of gayness or boredom.

The opener "Eternal Damnation" is given to you straight from the shoulder, and the only fault resides in the final fading out, leaving a sense of incomplete arrangement, while "Meltdown" is pure heavy endowed with excellent piercing vox interventions, and a coupla good accelerations; definitely the most involving song, most of all live. The other 2 songs are at the same 'stellar' levels, also influenced by Iron Maiden and Saxon.

Rather quick and powerful, Byfist play 80's-like power/thrash in an interesting, professional and trUUUe way, so my only piece of advice is for you to do all your utmost to get a copy of this rare mini-CD, or at least listen to them someway.



-Hour Glass of Time
-You Should Have Known
-Adrenalin (MCD)
-Fall of the Nation