'In the dark abysses of memory'

(Skull Fucked prod.)


MARK: 89/100


The French deepest underground is more alive and kicking than ever before! Take a band like this, give them a big label and a big recording budget and they'll have hardly anything to envy other renowned bands soaked in the same swamps of skillful brutal death/grind metal.

"Glorification of Life" has a virtuous beginning but soon becomes a little Nefas-influenced to radically change later, "The Empire is..." even starts alà "Mentally Murdered" Napalm Death/"Symphonies of Sickness" Carcass (really, listen carefully!), and then it gets faster and more technical. Just echoes of other bands like Cannibal Corpse or Dying Fetus in "Waiting", but don't misunderstand me: Byatis have a good taste for solos, intricated riffing, fast drumming that makes their genre quite personal during each song and also hard to dig at a first listen. Not boring music, on the contrary 4/5-minute-songs full of highs and lows, time changes like in the marvellous "Nornes II: Verdandi".

Their debut is an excellent bridge between the old death metal and the new brutal one, therefore I can't but bow before such musicians. A great surprise, definitely!


Band's contacts:
+33 (0)623022389
E-mail: byatis@fr.st

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